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As announced in our recent video, today we are thrilled to officially launch our brand new website! In the last decade we have built and managed dozens of websites for our valued clients, but this is the first internal website Azam Marketing has published in all that time. What is the website? All is revealed […]

New website showcases and offers for sale the most prime real estate on the internet, the most V.I.P. domain names and established websites.

We are pleased to release a new video in which Azam’s CEO Nadeem candidly describes the tumultuous ups and downs he’s been through in the first half of 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and other matters. He also reveals the first of a few exciting new initiatives launching from Team Azam in […]

A day in the life of an entrepreneur. The trials and tribulations of a businessperson!

Our CEO, Nadeem Azam, was invited onto Ummahpreneur’s live video series to be interviewed by podcaster Abby El-Asmar yesterday. Abby is doing a remarkable job in nurturing entrepreneurship in the Muslim community and he holds the interviews to give both established and aspiring businesspeople the opportunity to learn some of the strategies for success from […]

How to grow your business in an economic recession such as the one we’re going through

Happy fiday is a popular podcast series run by New Zealander Dale Jones which shares invaluable information on how to get to the position of F.I.R.E. If you haven’t come across the acronym, it stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. Happy fiday has interviewed Azam Marketing’s CEO Nadeem Azam on his journey towards F.I.R.E. In […]

The latest news, views and reviews: visit Azam's blog now!

We apologise for the radio silence of late. Azam Marketing‘s CEO Nadeem updates our readers and lays bare the trials and tribulations of recent years below. Today is the greatest day of my life (so far). On this day, the 1st of November 2019, by the grace of God, I have finally succeeded in winning […]

The latest news, views and reviews: visit Azam's blog now!

Azam Marketing’s Founder and CEO, Nadeem Azam, muses on a remarkable anniversary, one that is exceptionally rare for companies in the cut-throat and fast-moving internet space to survive long enough to mark. A week is a long time in online business and a hundred is an eternity in an arena in which my colleagues and […]

A significant ratio of potential customers rely on positive online reviews when they want to purchase a product or a service. Positive reviews online affect the buying behaviour of customers in every industry. Needless to say, a customer will gravitate towards a product with positive reviews instead of a negatively reviewed item. Positive reviews enhance […]

Far too often we see content marketers quit at the moment of conversion, the time when a prospect turns into a customer. It appears like that’s the end of the story for most of them. But, as digital marketing authority Christine Warner emphasises, preserving buyers is as important if not more than procuring new ones. […]

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