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Despite the credit crunch taking it’s hold on the global economy, the last year has been the busiest ever at Azam HQ. We have been very fortunate and blessed to maintain a tremendous pace of growth with our business which has led to new client acquistions and in turn the opportunity to welcome new team members to Azam Marketing. We are following our announcement of […]

Today I am going to review the new pay per click advertising network from Netklix who have started advertising in our blog. Netklix are not actually a new network; they were founded in 1999 and originally began life as an affiliate network, running programs in the UK and USA. Shifting from CPA to CPC, the […]

Time flies when you’re having fun and it seems that no sooner have I placed the final full stop on the May monthly round-up than it’s time to begin the June one… Xpango To celebrate the launch of Xpango’s affiliate program on Commission Junction last month and show publishers how rewarding the brand is, we […]

  What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the 5th of May? May Day Bank Holiday? A lazy day sunbathing in Brighton or Blackpool or plonked in front of the tele? The Bank Holiday, known around the world as International Workers’ Day, was a leftist initiative to celebrate the rights of […]

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