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In the third part of his series on the design of, Azam Marketing’s Director of Design and Development Ather Mehdi writes about the time-consuming but necessary final steps involved in designing a major website. We thought today would be ideal to publish the final article in Ather’s acclaimed series as it is wedding day. A […]

In my previous post we discussed how we initiated the process of pre-development conceptualization by conducting thorough research and engaging the team in brainstorming sessions to come up with a design strategy for Froggybank. In case you missed the post here it is. Our Evaluation of the First Design   Here is a quick list of the […]

Ather Mehdi, Director of Design and Development at Azam Marketing, presents the first in a trilogy of articles which go through the steps involved in designing a major website. We hope these will be of benefit to up-and-coming designers. I am excited the time has finally arrived for me to write my first article discussing […]

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