The postman came knocking on the door of Azam Marketing HQ with an enormous black box. I was curious to who it may be from, but the colour of the ribbon gave away the source of the parcel.

When I opened up the parcel, I could not believe how many items there were: a teddy bear from House of Fraser, a t-shirt from Oli, Roxio Creator 2009 software, a drinks container from Adobe, a chocolate advent calendar from Hotel Chocolat, and all kinds of wonderful gifts and promotional material from the likes of, Freemans, Marriott, Argos and CJ itself. There must be about 30 items in total! They will be shared out among the Azam gang, and the huge teddy bear and robot toy will be making their way to my nephew and niece.

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The parcel even included a memory stick with handy information from several CJ advertisers on promoting their wares with last delivery dates etc. for Christmas.

Commission Junction have been an absolute delight to work with over the last year, and the level of account management has encouraged us to foster a closer relationship with the network, both from a publisher and advertiser angle. For example, we have launched three affiliate programs on CJ this year and another one will be going live in two weeks time.

A mega-thanks for all the pressies and the Christmas card CJ!

This month is the 10th anniversary of good ol’ CJ and I’d like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to everyone on the network on both sides of the Atlantic. To have prospered in such a turbulent and competitive field for a decade is a remarkable achievement.

My memory of affiliate marketing in the late 1990s is becoming hazy as the years progress, but I distinctly remember CJ coming across as a exciting upstart to me, with lots of fresh ideas. Linkshare, which had been around since 1996, was the tried-and-trusted ‘grandad’ network and BeFree had started a year earlier, in 1997.

CJ has made a video in honour of their 10th anniversary and here it is:

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