A couple of weeks ago I gave a presentation at Conversion Thursday Manchester, an inspiring bi-monthly event that centres around online conversion and web optimisation.

I discussed the importance of conversion in affiliate marketing, as it is often something which is overlooked when setting up or managing an affiliate program; yet focusing on improving affiliate conversion rates can be significant in achieving maximum ROI.

During the presentation I explained how higher commission structures do not automatically motivate publishers to actively promote a specific merchant’s program offers.

Commissions can indeed stir an affiliate’s interest but if the earnings per (hundred) clicks (EPC) does not appear to be profitable then the affiliate will be less inclined to spend their own time, money and resources driving traffic to a site which is less likely to convert and lead to a negative ROI.

Instead, they may look to push a retailer who is paying lower commissions but has a higher conversion rate resulting in better sales and revenue for both the affiliate and the merchant.


I advised how optimised affiliate banners, html email creative & landing pages can enable affiliates to drive more targeted traffic to a merchant’s website which will also increase the overall onsite conversion rate. Exclusive offers and promotions will give merchants an edge when negotiating premium placements and newsletter listings with top performing affiliates.

You can view my Powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

Following the presentation, myself and the other attendees, which included usability experts, advertisers and affiliates, spent about half an hour discussing the importance of affiliate marketing in general and ways in which merchants can build more effective working relationships with specific publisher groups such as PPC, SEO, email and loyalty publishers.

It’s been another jam-packed year in which me and my colleagues at Azam must have attended about forty industry events and you may read about others we’ve been to here.

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