I’ve had a lot of people contacting me requesting the slides of my talks at the A4U Expo and so am making them available in this and the next post.

I am not a disciple of the ‘Death by Powerpoint’ school of thought and firmly believe Powerpoints should help annotate a presentation, not be the presentation itself – how tedious is is it when a presenter spends an hour reading out his Powerpoints to an audience?! – so my slides never impart most of the information in my talks, but hey ho, it’s all we’ve got for the meanwhile (I’ve read in the A4U Expo blog the videos of all the presentations are being edited and will be online in a few week’s time).

I’ll start with the talk which was entitled ‘The Affiliate Sales Kit – Writing Killer Proposals and Selling Yourself To Merchants’. This was presented with the terrific Grant Reid, Senior Consultant at Stream:20.

Here are Grant’s slides:

And here are mine:

Here’s an example document showing how to project oneself professionally to advertisers that I referred to in the talk: