We’re extremely proud to announce another great addition to our Affiliate Management portfolio – Regus, providers of office space, virtual offices and meeting rooms to rent. We are going live with an affiliate program for the UK today and, as part of a global contract, will be launching affiliate programs in other countries at future dates.

Regus UK - Office Space, Vitual Offices and Meeting Rooms to rent in over 80 UK locations
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Regus operate in over 1,000 business centres across 450 cities in 75 countries. This allows them to boast the greatest network of business centres, including over 80 in the UK. They offer the widest range of products and services including serviced offices, meeting rooms and virtual offices to allow individuals and companies to work however, wherever, and whenever they need to.

Today, more than half of the Fortune 500, along with thousands of small- and medium-sized companies, are outsourcing some of their office requirements to Regus.

Regus UK - Office Space, Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms to rent in over 80 UK locations
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Key Regus USPs:

  • Only Regus lets you transfer your business to any of its locations, penalty-free, at short notice
  • Regus have been supporting businesses for 50 years
  • Ready-to-use offices, complete with contemporary, comfortable furniture
  • Enterprise-class internet with 24-hour support
  • Communications infrastructure fully installed
  • Meeting and training rooms readily available
  • Fully stocked kitchens with a choice of refreshments
  • On-site support teams
  • Print, copy and scanning facilities

Regus Product Information

Serviced Office Spaces are fully equipped and ready to go. There are options to suit any budget and offices are available to hire by the day, month or year. With Regus you can have everything in one place and there’s no up-front capital investment as you would have with a conventional office space.

Regus UK - Office Space, Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms to Rent in over 80 UK locations
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There is total flexibility to grow, downsize or relocate with no fuss or hassle. Effectively, a Regus office can save you up to 60% on office costs.

Virtual Offices project a great business image, and provide access to Regus facilities and support while keeping overheads down. They are ideal for home-based businesses and call and mail handling facilities leave you free to focus on your business instead of admin. Whether you’re testing the water in a new market or simply prefer to work from home, a virtual office gives you all the benefits of a fully serviced workplace – without having to actually rent one.

You can have a prestigious address on your business cards and can also use the Regus business centre network for formal and informal business meetings. Regus has a range of solutions, just choose the one that best suits your set up and budget.

Meeting Rooms offer you free national calls, a free ‘host’ internet connection and unique pricing by the hour, half day or full day. Choose from 130 prime locations across the UK. Available to hire from just £6 per day, Regus meeting rooms are ideal for training, interviews and meetings. Whether you’re hosting a large-scale presentation for many attendees or a one-to-one interview, Regus can match your meeting to the right room.

Regus UK - Serviced Office Space - Over 80 UK locations
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Regus Affiliate Program Information

The Regus affiliate program is available via Tradedoubler and Webgains and is offering up to £24 in commission until 30th November 2010!

Launch Commissions

Office Space/Serviced Office Space Enquiry: £24.00 per valid enquiry

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Virtual Office Enquiry: £12.00 per valid enquiry

Meeting Room Enquiry: £6.00 per valid enquiry

Standard Commissions (from 1st December 2010)

Office Space/Serviced Office Space Enquiry: £20.00 per valid enquiry

Virtual Office Enquiry: £10.00 per valid enquiry

Meeting Room Enquiry: £5.00 per valid enquiry

Once enquiries are received by Regus, they are qualified by contacting the enquirer to check they are genuinely interested in the services they have submitted an enquiry for. Leads are validated on a monthly basis and are regularly checked for quality.

Cookie period: 60 days

The Regus affiliate program is no longer managed by Azam