Reviews of leading UK & USA affiliate marketing networks - which CPA / CPS network is the best?
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People who are new to the affiliate marketing game are often perplexed by the vast array of networks, all claiming to be the best. In the absence of detailed, independent appraisals of CPA networks, it can be hard to determine which to work with and which to not bother with.

As with everything in life and business, knowledge is power (and money – in their first week of training at Azam Marketing I have advised every staff member for years they should stay clear of three networks, Clash, Cleverat and DGM, all of which have gone bust in the UK in the last few months).

As part of the process of aiding the community to get to know the affiliate networks better, I have researched and reviewed four of the best known ones out there. Click on the name of each network to read the review:

Of course affiliate networks often have several hundred advertisers and it can be hard to decide which ones to promote. Look no further than Azam Marketing’s portfolio of top advertisers.

Which are your favourite affiliate networks? Let us know below…