£1000 Christmas prize draw is boosting the EPC for eDealsUK.com affiliate program
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eDealsUK.com have launched a £1000 Christmas prize draw to incentivise registrations and encourage users to get involved with the portal.

When we have ran similar prize draws in past Christmases it has boosted the conversion rate. Also, of course, this is the time of year when the largest number of people shop online… and they would love cashback. So this is a great time for affiliates to drive traffic to eDealsUK.

All new eDealsUK members receive a free £5 welcome bonus, which you should mention in your ad copy as it will help boost conversions.

We launched a completely revamped site a few weeks back which has been designed to encourage sign-ups and make you more money.

eDealsUK currently have an average conversion rate of 8.2%, with higher performing affiliates enjoying conversions of up to 20%.

The affiliate program was on auto-pilot for the last couple of years, but now that Azam Marketing has been hired to manage it, affiliates will have an experienced team to assist them and there will be developments to make it easier for you to earn money with eDealsUK. For example, fresh creative in being made.

Commission starts from a very generous 75p CPA per UK member. The affiliate program is on Affiliate Future.

I will be attending the network’s event on Monday in London should you wish to discuss anything in person.

You are also welcome to email info [at] azam.biz, catch me on Windows Live Messenger on nadeem [at] azam.biz, Skype azam.biz, or call 0800 018 5600. I’m here to help J

About eDealsUK Limited

Since launching in 2004, Yorkshire-based eDealsUK Limited has proven to be a trailblazing internet enterprise and now runs 120 web properties in total. The company has 32 full-time staff, 6 part-time and is actively recruiting for more.

eDealsUK.com has quietly grown to become of the leading incentive portals with hundreds of thousands of members. A brand new site was launched in the autumn. With a reputation for offering generous cashback rewards and quality customer care, the business is gearing itself for the next phase of growth with an array of initiatives in the pipeline for 2008.