The Coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdowns and supply chain issues set back Azam Marketing and our clients in 2020 and 2021, but we start 2022 with optimism and a spring in our step. Why? Because last year we invested thousands of hours quietly beavering away on a smorgasbord of projects that, while being nothing to write home about – think a new Content Management System to host the tens of millions of files in our archives or the infrastructure to provide 24/7/365 customer service to our clients – see us now, at the starting line of 2022, sitting in a much more efficient vehicle to be able to hurtle forward full throttle with our plans for this and future years.

Incredibly, August 2022 will see us reach our quarter century point in business. For a commercial dot-com entity operating in an environment that evolves at the insanely blazing pace as the internet, that is perhaps more akin to a century. We are determined to make the most of our 25th anniversary year to enable our clients to flourish and to take Azam Marketing to new heights. It’s going to be quite a ride and, as they say, stay tuned.

For obvious reasons, social media will play a bigger part than ever in our journey. Follow our profiles on Facebook (7,221 followers), Twitter (4,992), Instagram (274) and LinkedIn (4,527) where our loyal followers enjoy exclusive free growth hacks and insights based on our unparalleled expertise to enable them to prosper in their professional and personal lives.

Now let’s all charge forward and flourish in 2022!

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