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Since this blog launched in 2007, readers have been able to be notified of new posts by subscribing using a service called ‘FeedBurner’. In 2007 FeedBurner hosted over a million feeds for 584,832 publishers and on the 3rd of June of that year Google bought the booming company for a rumoured $100 million. However, for […]

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Below are 12 links that you would do very well to visit today to enhance your business and your life. What a year this was. I have no doubt it’s been as much of a rollercoaster for you as it has been for Team Azam. We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs, but, by […]

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19th Century Quotation Competition Winners

I am pleased to belatedly announce the winners of our ‘Words to Muse and Amuse’ competition. Apologies for the delay in reporting these but the winners wouldn’t respond to our emails! The first prize winner, of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 Edition for the PC, worth £610.99 / $818.00, is Gary Clarkson from California. His winning […]

Like many people I’ve always found quotations to be a source of inspiration. I have a whole folder on my computer of ones that I’ve collected over the years. I’ve published many of these when the opportunities have arisen: when I published an online marketing newsletter last year, for instance, I would always round-off each issue […]

It seems like barely a weeks back when 2008 began and we’re already entering the tail end of the year. Although the terrible weather in the UK contributed towards making it the most buoyant online retail market I have seen in any summer, to the extent that I was called upon by the Beeb to surmise why […]

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