Do you know of any individuals or businesses that might benefit from marketing or design services? If so, we would encourage you to take advantage of Azam’s generous client referral scheme!

Our Referral Partner Program pays you for bringing new advertisers to our award-winning agency and allows you to expand the services you offer to clients.

We have referrers/affiliates who are earning hundreds of pounds/dollars every month for referring clients to us three and four years ago! You can generate a lucrative recurring revenue stream for yourself with minimal effort.

Why does Azam Marketing have a client referral program?

It’s an acknowledged fact that businesses grow much faster through referrals and word of mouth recommendations than through advertising alone. We know the online industry flourishes through close-knit networks and many of the most successful partnerships are initiated via one-to-one introductions.

What kind of new clients are you looking for?

Our agency is looking to recruit new clients across all of our divisions, which include affiliate, email, search and social media marketing, public relations, and web design and development. We also offer web hosting, domain name acquisition and management, and business consultancy services.

How will the scheme work?

A referral lead is made by delivering the lead to Azam by any means – social media, email, telephone or in person.

All potential clients will then be contacted by Azam to qualify the lead and fully understand what services the client requires. Our experienced sales team will then submit a comprehensive proposal to the client in order to secure the business.

We promise to handle all client referrals in a professional and efficient manner and will communicate with referrers at all times to ensure that you are kept informed. We encourage referrers to contribute as much as possible to warm up and convert leads.

What can I expect to earn?

To qualify for compensation, a referral lead must close within six months of the initial referral, and Azam must not already be engaged with or have knowledge of the opportunity.

Remuneration will be paid on the amount of work required by Azam Marketing up to the point of the client returning a signed contract. Thereafter, commissions of up to 15% of gross earnings will be paid to the referrer on the service(s) recommended to the client.

Commissions will not only be paid every month for the first year, but on a lifetime basis subject to certain terms. Referrers who remain proactively involved in the ongoing management of client partnerships will receive bigger payments.

Five reasons for partnering with Azam Marketing

  • Our dedicated sales professionals will use our quarter of a century of experience to close your leads
  • Our highly-motivated staff are experienced figures in digital marketing and design, having held senior positions at agencies such as Omnicom, Publici, Dentsu and Acxiom. We will do everything we can to retain the advertisers you refer: clients repeatedly tell us they enjoy working with us because we are passionate and will go out of our way to exceed their expectations
  • We provide longer service hours than any other agency – this means you or your referrals won’t have issues getting hold of us
  • We have contacts and friends at many digital marketing and technology company and use these relationships to save your referrals large sums of money
  • We have a strong presence in the UK marketplace and have also carried out services for advertisers in mainland Europe for several years. We also manage several clients’ campaigns in north America since the 1990s
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… plus many more reasons! You may find out more about Azam Marketing and our award-winning services on our corporate website.

What to do next

If you wish to refer a client to us, please read our information pack by clicking here. Then send detailed information about them to results [at] You may also call our office on +44 (0) 20 33 55 4334 or Skype ‘AzamMkt‘ to speak to one of our sales representatives any time, 365 days a year.

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