“Congratulations to Azam Marketing on their 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century is a significant milestone for any business and a particularly noteworthy achievement for an enterprise in the internet arena which is constantly evolving at a blazing pace.

I am proud to say that VAC Media has been a client of Azam Marketing for 16 of those 25 years.

In that time, Azam Marketing have provided a variety of services including graphic design, website design, business development, public relations, pay per click advertising and affiliate programme management.

The Azam Marketing crew have never wavered in their commitment to VAC Media. They have been a loyal ally, more than willing to assist whenever and wherever required to provide services for VAC Media and our partners.

Phrases like “we are too busy”, “we have a backlog of other tasks” or “we are not able to do that” simply don’t exist in the lexicon of Azam Marketing’s staff, who have always been on hand to enthusiastically use their respective areas of expertise to enable us to push forward with projects.

The results we have enjoyed from Azam Marketing’s endeavours have been nothing short of remarkable. To give but one example, the agency has assisted us to win contracts and then deliver world-class services to deliver on those contracts with well-known blue chip corporations.

I wish Azam Marketing many more years of success as a preeminent business within their field.”

Senthil Kumar, Managing Director, VAC Media

“We would like to offer Azam Marketing our sincerest congratulations on their seminal 25th anniversary.

We have fortunately had the continuous benefit of Azam Marketing’s professional services for over 10 years. Azam Marketing has become an indispensable and integral part of our growth and success by reason of the sheer hard work and dedication of their team, enabling us to enjoy a highly effective online presence.

Understanding Bromptons’ ever evolving requirements over a decade, Azam Marketing has seamlessly worked with us to design our website, maintain and update it, plus keep our web operations secure from malware and virus infiltrations.

I wish the business goes from strength to strength over the next quarter of a century!”

Azim Suleman, Principal Solicitor at Bromptons Solicitors

“I would like to offer my congratulations to Azam Marketing for their 25th anniversary in business.

I am very grateful for all the intensive hard work that has been done for my companies by Azam Marketing since 2004.

I first got in touch with Azam Marketing towards the end of 2004 when I first set up my company Hibba Toys UK.  As a Chartered Accountant I knew almost everything about establishing a business but had no knowledge of websites, search engine optimisation or e-commerce. These were words that I feared and thought would be an obstacle to the success of the business.

Having contacted a few search engine optimisation companies, having many calls and meetings with them, I decided to give the work to Azam Marketing.

I had met with the CEO and liked his approach and style of working. Everything was made clear by the Azam Marketing team, including the scope of work and the fees. I did not get “the moon on a stick” type promises which some other companies had made to try to win the contract.

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From those humble beginnings in 2004 our company has grown hugely within the industry. Our website was optimised and marketed in order to place us on the top page one of Google for many of our target keywords, in the organic (free) results.

Hibba Toys are now proud suppliers to the likes of Harrods and TK Maxx. The Government’s Cabinet even ordered our Hibba Classic Toy Box for HRH Prince George as his christening gift, which was in the national news.

Our online presence and rankings towards the top of the first page of Google has been a direct result of Azam Marketing’s search engine optimisation and web design expert’s ethical optimisation of our website. The results they achieved were way beyond our expectations.

Since our founding, as search engine algorithms and the world of e-commerce has evolved over the years, Azam Marketing has always kept us informed of the changes we need to be aware of for our website’s ongoing success. Technology moves fast and if you are not tech minded like my colleagues and I, everything seems quite daunting. We depend on our website for all sales.

Over all these years myself and my webmaster have had regular contact with Azam Marketing. Whenever we’ve had issues with any technical aspect of our business, the respective specialists at Azam Marketing have come up with effective solutions.

We often get approached by various companies offering SEO, digital marketing and website development services etc., but, as we have been very happy with Azam Marketing for the last 18 years, we will continue to use their services. We would also highly recommend them to others.

Waheed Ahmad, Founding Director, Hibba Toys and Flower Garden Leeds

Our Manager Nadeem received this birthday card to celebrate Azam Marketing's anniversary!
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Our Manager Nadeem received this birthday card for Azam Marketing!

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