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Since this blog launched in 2007, readers have been able to be notified of new posts by subscribing using a service called ‘FeedBurner’.

In 2007 FeedBurner hosted over a million feeds for 584,832 publishers and on the 3rd of June of that year Google bought the booming company for a rumoured $100 million. However, for reasons only known to the gods at Googleplex, in the thirteen years since Google’s acquisition, the service has been more-or-less completely neglected and left to rot. There are indications FeedBurner may eventually be closed down.

Changing an RSS/email feed providers is not a decision to be taken lightly, but at Azam we felt our followers deserved much better than the dated offering of FeedBurner. Therefore, we have bitten the bullet and switched to a service called follow.it. A far-reaching analysis of the top 30 feed management services for blogs of size of Azam.info led us to conclude that follow.it was by far the best service for our subscribers.

Existing Azam.info Subscribers

If you are one of our many loyal existing subscribers, our engineers have made sure you have been seamlessly transitioned to the new provider.

Email subscribers should have received this post in their inboxes (if not, please subscribe here). We’d encourage you to ‘white list’ the follow.it email address you’ve received it from so that our updates are not categorised as ‘spam’ by your email provider.

If you’re an existing RSS subscriber, make sure that http://www.azam.info/feed is the URL you are using in your feed reader.

New Azam.info Subscribers

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you are missing out on being kept up-to-date with articles our thousands of followers enjoy. Azam Marketing’s bods will be publishing ‘must-read’ content over the coming year, such as the techniques it has taken our boffins hundreds of hours of granular testing and optimisation over months to increase the yield from our online marketing campaigns.

Unlike most publications, we value your time and only share the very highest calibre content here, publishing new blog posts sporadically. Therefore, on average, you will only receive one notification every few weeks from us.

How can you be notified every time we publish a new blog post? The two simplest methods are via email and RSS.

How to Subscribe by Email

In terms of the former option, enter your email address in the box below and then hit the blue ‘Press to Subscribe’ button. Next you’ll usually have to confirm you are not a robot in the new window that appears.

Get new posts by email:

After that, you may need to verify your email address, so check your inbox or ‘junk mail’ folder to see the email from follow.it. All you have to do is click the verification link and, hey presto, you’re subscribed!

One final step: to ensure our emails don’t go to your junk mail folder, please ‘white list’ follow.it’s email address. How to do this depends on which email provider you are using, but with most of them you can mark the email address from which you receive our verification missive as being a ‘safe sender’, ‘white list’ it, or add it to your ‘contacts’.

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How to Subscribe by RSS

If you’re more an RSS kinda of guy or gal, all you have to do is follow us via this link. Our RSS feed link is http://www.azam.info/feed.

Coming soon, you’ll also be able to receive notifications of new blog posts via a Google Chrome browser extension, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WeChat and several other methods, so stay tuned!