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  1. Alan, Mediacom
    5 August, 2017

    Congratulations on your mega-anniversary folks!

    Having been in digital marketing for a while, I’ve seen more internet businesses than I can care to remember start up and then close down within four or five years, but for you to have been in business for twenty years in such an incredibly tough line of work is one helluva achievement 🙂


  2. Linda Halls
    6 August, 2017

    Congrats on your special day.

    Your charitable donation is laudable indeed and will help a lot of people in need, so respects to you for that.


  3. Jeremiah
    6 August, 2017

    Jeremiah here from the States… you may remember we met at the online marketing event in Olympia a few months back and discussed you building a mobile app for our payroll software.

    Way to go Azam. Awesome to read about you gifting that money to charity!

    Here’s to the next twenty years. In Year Forty you’ll now have to give a 40k donation 😉


  4. Craig
    7 August, 2017


    Generous gesture to give that kind of money to 20 charities! CSR at its best.


  5. Haroon Suleiman
    8 August, 2017

    That’s a whopping sum to give. May everyone at Azam be blessed with ongoing success in your business.


  6. Rishi
    14 August, 2017

    Noble offer to give such a donation! Hats off to you on your special anniversary.


  7. Azam Editorial Team
    14 August, 2017

    Alan, Linda, Jeremiah, Craig, Haroon, Rishi, and all the scores of people who’ve sent us messages via other platforms on our twentieth anniversary, thank you for your congratulatory remarks! It means a lot to us.

    We are grateful to be able to make the donations to the twenty charities and are grateful for your kind words regarding it.

    Wishing everybody a sunny and successful second half of August.

    Team Azam


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