World's Oldest Surviving Digital Marketing and Design Agency Celebrates Landmark 20th Anniversary with Surprise Announcement
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Azam Marketing is celebrating our twentieth anniversary this month with twenty philanthropic donations.

Founded in the embryonic days of the world wide web on 4 August 1997, we are one of the only pure play digital marketing and design agencies from the time still in existence.

We have expanded our service offerings organically from specialising in affiliate marketing, search marketing and web design into email marketing and eCRM and, in recent years, social media marketing, business consultancy and training.

Azam Marketing has served 993 clients over the two decades, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Google, Dell, Swatch, Warner Bros. and Hilton, and won numerous prestigious industry awards for producing exceptional results.

Because of our unparalleled expertise and track record in the digital sector, we have been headhunted by increasing numbers of companies and individuals to provide consultancy and training services. These currently range from X-Rite Pantone, the global leader in colour trends, science and technology, to one of the biggest asset management corporations in the world, to several small and medium size enterprises in the UK, continental Europe and the USA.

To mark the anniversary, our Founder and CEO, Nadeem Azam, has announced Azam Marketing is donating GBP £20,000.00 (USD $26,428.00) to twenty charities selected by our current and former staff, consultants and clients. The registered charities are in the following sectors: medical research, social welfare, education, international development and the environment.

We have received congratulatory messages from dozens of sources on our momentous birthday. “Hats off to Azam Marketing on their 20th anniversary of being in business! It is a significant occasion indeed,” states Matthew Adby, Retail Product Portfolio Manager of X-Rite Pantone.

“For a digital agency to have been founded at the dawn of the world wide web and still be powering ahead two decades later demonstrates tremendous versatility, resilience and talent.”

He goes on to declare, “It is a huge pleasure working with Azam Marketing. The passion exuded by the team, helping us to build Pantone’s online presence has been second-to-none and we benefit tremendously from their vast expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce. May I wish the company many more years of success.”

World's Oldest Surviving Digital Marketing and Design Agency Celebrates Landmark 20th Anniversary with Surprise Announcement
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John Lamerton, Managing Director of Big Idea Media, is an acclaimed digital marketer and author of Big Ideas… For Small Businesses (Amazon UK, USA). He exclaims: “I was barely out of short trousers in 1997, let alone able to build amazing websites and provide marketing services to companies all over the world – so hats off to all the team at Azam Marketing for twenty fantastic years!”

“I’ve always been a vocal critic of some marketing agencies who claim to be experts in their field, yet turn out to be lame ducks – that’s not the case with these guys though. Azam are the real deal.”

Stuart Reader worked as Azam Marketing’s PPC Director from 2008 to 2012.
“After a number of years working in the Performance Marketing world, Azam Marketing was my first agency role,” he recalls. “I learned a tremendous amount from my time there, working with a range and size of clients that weren’t as available to a freelancer, and taking advantage of Nadeem’s long experience of the industry.”

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Reminiscing on his years at the agency, he adds, “Good times were had working with the other excellent staff at Azam. Attending the A4u and PerformanceIn award ceremonies, where we picked up a number of awards and nominations, were a particular highlight.”

“Congratulations on the anniversary and best wishes for many more years of success and growth.”

In honour of our twenty-year milestone, within the next several hours we are releasing a short movie with twenty photographs and videos from our journey and two often-amusing articles giving an insight into our ups and downs over the years. You will enjoy them, so keep an eye for them in this blog!