After a fairly subdued couple of years as a result of Brexit and Covid, we were pleased to bounce back in style in 2022.

Last year Azam Marketing were thrilled to celebrate our Silver Anniversary. On our 20th anniversary, we had donated GBP £20,000 (USD $23,961 or EUR €22,694 at the time of writing) to twenty charities and we decided to replicate the gesture by donating £25,000 ($29,949 or €28,361) to twenty-five charities this time round.

We gained extensive media coverage for our milestone Silver Anniversary. This includes Yahoo! Finance and several other well-known news outlets.

Once clients experience the 24/7/365 stress-free V.I.P. service we always provide them, they choose to continue using our services for years and, in some cases, decades. We were humbled to receive these congratulatory messages on our anniversary from three of our loyal clients of 10+ years.

As part of the celebrations, we surprised all our staff and clients, plus friends and family members, to luxury hampers sent. Each was customised to the recipient’s dietary preferences and sent with a personalised letter and gift card. Here’s a video showing some of the gifts:

Like the cobblers shoes, we have been so busy over the years servicing our clients – our client work always, always takes a priority – that our own websites are beginning to look decidedly dated. Therefore, we have started a process of updating them one by one.

Last year, for instance, after extensive work we launched a brand new version of our popular UK consumer rewards website which has been running since 2003,

Continuing this initiative, in 2023 we will be launching brand new, much-better-looking versions of our corporate website and this blog.

This January our staff are being kept busy working on projects for both existing and new clients, and we have set-up a pipeline of ambitious plans for this year. To keep abreast with what’s going on, follow us on Facebook (8,103 followers), X (4,898), Instagram (1,604) and LinkedIn (2,154) where our loyal supporters also enjoy exclusive free growth hacks and insights based on our unparalleled expertise to enable them to prosper in their professional and personal lives.

Wishing you success and prosperity in the year ahead. Let’s make 2023 a smashing year for you and us!

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