It’s only been 7,305 days in the works, but, would you believe it, we have finally reached the day on which we can say we have been in business for twenty years.

Most online companies we did business with when our ship left port in 1997 did not remain afloat until even, say, half a decade later in 2002, nevermind 2007 or 2017, so to still be swashbuckling the high seas twenty years later means we reckon we’ve learned to “surf” what used be called the internet “wave” fairly adeptly (sorry, we know that’s truly awful, but we’re allowed some mischief on our Azamversary!)

Among the tide of celebratory events taking place this month, we are marking the occasion with the release of a bouncy short movie.

Entitled “Dot Com Bust and Boom; The Azam Marketing Autobiography: 1997-2017”, it features twenty pictures and video clips that chart the long and winding path we’ve walked along (see, we’ve jumped ship from the dire seafaring analogies!), from our conception in the nineties right up to the current day.

Enjoy it here:

Do you recall any of the occasions in the showreel?

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.

p.s. we will be releasing several other videos over the coming months, sharing invaluable information, insights and tools to enable you to be more successful in both your business and personal life, so subscribe to our Youtube channel here.