You may have noticed Azam Marketing has been quieter than usual in recent months. It’s because we’ve been keeping our heads down during the long British winter, beavering away servicing clients, setting up systems to make things easier going forward, and bolstering our team.

Now that we’ve consolidated our operations, we are going on a marketing splurge this spring. Our first ad went live in last week’s New Media Age magazine, in the Marketing Services Guide.

We took the most prominent advertising slot in the publication, the inside front cover. You can see a picture of the ad below and the full advert by clicking here:

Here’s our ad. in this week’s NMA magazine:

Keep an eye out for more of our ads this spring, in other magazines, on the NMA website where our banners will be on the home page, and the a4u Awards ‘Book of the Night’; you can get a sneak preview of that advert here.