The BBC contacted us last week saying they wanted me to appear on BBC Radio Solent, the station which covers the Isle of Wight, Hampshire and Dorset (if, like me, you’re wondering  what Solent refers to, according to Wikipedia, it is the area of sea between Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight). With the credit crunch biting, the Beeb wanted me to offer listeners advice on how to save money by shopping online.

Initially I was not interested because appearing on radio shows and the like is

not my cup of tea and the BBC was not going to be paying for it (Auntie does not pay experts for their time?). A few years back after I was regularly called by affiliate network after affiliate network to restaurants near their offices to “pick my brain” and, in exchange for a pizza and a cranberry juice, give them what they themselves referred to as invaluable advice, I vowed never to do freebie work again, unless it was for a good cause or somebody worthwhile who couldn’t afford it. Hence I’ll always be there to assist new affiliates on Instant Messenger, but not give unpaid presentations at conferences where the organisers may make tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit.

However, I eventually relented!

The live show took place on Friday morning. You may listen to it by clicking here.

It starts with 35 seconds of one of my favourite songs which they played before the interview, which is Gloria Gaynor’s Never Can Say Goodbye (goodbye… good buy… geddit?).

Next interview is video number four for Affiliate Future, this time to speak about one of my clients in the retail sector.