Save yourself a lot of hassle with our ten free shortcut hotlink URLs to automatically login to UK and US affiliate networks
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I spend all day logging in and out of affiliate and CPA networks and so anything that can simplify the process and save me a few seconds each time is a Godsend.

There are, of course, password managers which store your login details and enable you to login to websites with only a couple of clicks few but, being the lazy sod that I am, that is one click too many, so what I use is shortcut hotlink URLs. These are saved in my favorites bar at the top of my browser, and allow me to login to networks with just one click.

They must have saved me dozens of hours over the years and so I thought I’d share them with our readers. You need to replace the USERNAME with your login username and PASSWORD with your, errr, password.


Affiliate Window


Commission Junction

The Aspect Network

The Slice

Paid on Results




A couple of the URLs don’t auto-login in certain browsers.

I’d recommend you avoid using these URLs on computers that people you don’t trust could have access to.

You may follow the above link structures to login to other networks powered by the same engines, such as those powered by DirectTrack and TradeDoubler.

You can also adapt them to auto-login to advertiser interfaces. So, for instance, will enable a merchant on AffiliateFuture UK to automatically login to their account.

If you’d like to share either a publisher or advertiser shortcut URL to add to the above list, please do so by posting a message below or dropping an email to nadeem [at]