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I see most affiliates starting their journeys in this industry making the same misjudgements I did and it frustrates me because I don’t want them to waste months of their precious time as I have done. So the purpose of this talk at a4uexpo London was not just to embarrass myself, but to enable people […]

We’re excited to announce that Azam Marketing will be lending its support to April’s a4uexpo Europe event by sponsoring the bags given out during the course of the conference and exhibition. As any regular exhibition-attender knows, these bags are invaluable for placing handouts and freebies!  Yagmur Guven, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager at Azam Marketing, who has […]

One day I hope to write a book about the affiliate marketing industry in the UK. It will be called Matt’s Mates. The reason is because the rise and rise of affiliate marketing in Blightey is inextricably linked with the ingenuity of one man, Matt Wood. In many ways Matt is not exceptional in British […]