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The Impact of Population Growth Explosion in Dubai, UAE. An interview in Gulf News newspaper with Azam’s CEO

As I sit here in wintry West Yorkshire, I sigh and briefly let my mind wander back to the sunny weather and luxury of Dubai, where I have just enjoyed a fantastic break courtesy of Azam Marketing won the holiday back in August as part of a competition for affiliates to sell as many […]

So another year is almost over and we find ourselves waving goodbye to the ‘noughties’. Despite the doom and gloom of the global recession, it’s been another successful year at Azam Marketing, and we’re fortunate to have won a host of exciting new clients as well as expanding internally with new staff. But life’s not […]

In my last blog post I followed on from Keith Bond’s inspiring article, 99 things I want to do that I aint done yet by sharing the activities that I have been fortunate to accomplish so far in life. Since then, I’ve pondered some of the other goals and activities that I would like to achieve and have realised that coming up with a definitive […]