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People who are new to the affiliate marketing game are often perplexed by the vast array of networks, all claiming to be the best. In the absence of detailed, independent appraisals of CPA networks, it can be hard to determine which to work with and which to not bother with. As with everything in life […]

The important issue of animal welfare is taking centre stage in the media over the next few weeks with Channel 4’s Food Season, which aims to make the British public take a closer look at the food that goes on their plate. Here at Azam Marketing, we will be paying particularly close attention as we […]

Just in time to help you to recover from the excesses of Christmas (and to help with the New Year’s resolutions to become healthier in 2009!) Azam Marketing is excited to announce the launch of natural healthcare specialist Trust William’s affiliate program on Webgains. January is expected to be a fantastic month for affiliates working […]