In this incredible video interview we discover more about Nadeem's entrepreneurial journey and his golden nuggets on marketing your business to increase sales and maximize your brand exposure!

This masterclass of an episode reveals things like:

-How to grow your business in an economic recession
-The secret to working with big corporations and landing high-paying clients
-Why you need to always build an exit plan for your business
-How to market your business for free using the online-offline strategy
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Our CEO, Nadeem Azam, was invited onto Ummahpreneur’s live video series to be interviewed by podcaster Abby El-Asmar yesterday.

Abby is doing a remarkable job in nurturing entrepreneurship in the Muslim community and he holds the interviews to give both established and aspiring businesspeople the opportunity to learn some of the strategies for success from his guests.

In the no-holds-barred interview, followed by a live question and answer session, Nadeem shared, among other things:

  • How to grow your business in an economic recession such as the one we’re going through
  • The secrets to landing high-paying clients and working with major corporations
  • How to market your business for free using the online-offline strategy
  • How to develop the mindset to overcome hurdles in business and life
  • Why you need to always build an exit plan into your business

The feedback from the hundreds of entrepreneurs watching was astounding, with dozens of people posting positive comments on Facebook and elsewhere! They were saying things such as Nadeem’s exuberance, his tenacity against so much adversity and the golden nuggets of practical guidance he had provided had inspired them to redouble their efforts with their own ventures with a greater level of passion and focus.

As an example, Faye Detuyatu Kho from Zamboanga City in the Philippines exclaimed: “This was one of the most powerful interviews I have ever watched. Nadeem, your wisdom and good heart shows immensely during the live broadcast. Thank you Nadeem for being generous with all of us in sharing your knowledge.”

Make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the interview here:

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