This year's Think Visibility conference in Leeds focused on domain names, Google local, social and mainstream news, viral marketing and the mobile web
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I attended my first Think Visibility conference on Saturday and found it to be a really useful and informative event which was also fun at the same time. It was held at the Alea Casino’s conference area, a splendid venue in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Tom Critchlow’s overview of Local SEO Strategies provided an interesting insight into how to make Google Local work for any business and I took away some handy tips that I will definitely use to help my own clients maximise their exposure across that specific channel.

I also sat in on Paddy Moogan’s session about Link Building. As a first time presenter, Paddy did a great job and put forward a constructive plan of action to help any SEO Manager target and achieve the links that will be of most benefit to them and their advertisers.

Judith Lewis gave a terrific presentation about her SEO experiences and offered some brilliant advice about which activities will actually help you get to the top of the SERPS and those that won’t. (Judith also handed out lots of chocolate which may be another reason why I enjoyed her presentation in particular!)

Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for the after party but if the tales of the pre-party and the antics at the lunch time quiz are anything go by, I’m sure it was a lively night. Well done to Dom Hodgson and his team for executing a great event.

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