Think Visibility 4 took place this weekend. It’s the second Think Vis. event I have attended and Dom and his team did not disappoint in bringing the best speakers from the online marketing industry together for a fourth time.

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One of my favourite sessions of the day was ‘Keywords and Mini Sites’ presented by Gary Taylor. I’m not sure whether advanced domainers would have found this event a little basic, but I thought Gary did a great job summarising the most important aspects of buying and utilising domain names.  He also suggested some useful resources and links to follow up and there was a nice buzz amongst the audience afterwards. I will definitely check out Gary’s starter guide for new domainers.

In other sessions, Lisa Myers and Jaamit Durrani looked at how social media and linkbuilding could really increase one’s chance of dominating the SERPs.

Lisa provided some top ideas on how to look beyond Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with your audience and drive relevant, highly targeted traffic and backlinks to your website including ‘article marketing’ – writing key content for other sector related websites, guest blogging and providing best practice and white papers.

Jaamit’s session discussed how researching competitor SEO activity and backlink profiles as well as article spinning and negotiating links from trusted domains can make a noticeable difference to your place within the SERPS.

Both sessions by Lisa and Jaamit complemented each other and did well to educate and reinforce the key metrics of SEO as well as throw new ideas into the pot.

Paul Madden’s discussion about Black Hat SEO provided a rare and unique insight into the mindset of a spammer which I found scary but somewhat intriguing at the same time.  It was amazing to hear how easily and quickly some individuals are able to make significant sums of money with just a domain name, a piece of script and an eye for an opportunity.

There were many more highlights throughout the day and not all sessions were SEO-themed, other topics included Affiliate Marketing Technologies, Accessibility, Conversion and Online PR.

With so many events being held in London, Dom and his team have done the northern digital community proud. If you have never attended Think Visibility and you are serious about online marketing you are missing a treat!

The only thing I regret about Think Visibility 4 is that I did not enter the Pre conference Pool Tournament because I reckon I would have kicked some serious butt! Roll on ThinkVis 5…

If you have any favourite moments from ThinkVis4 or would like to share feedback on the above, please leave your comments here or email sinead [at] You may also like to read my review of Think Visibility 3.

Think Visibility Photos courtesy of Martin Cunningham.

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