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We realise you wouldn’t want our blog to be full of client news, so super Sinead has had the idea of combining all updates into a monthly post. In this, the first round up, I’ll fill you in on the latest about our clients and give you a brief window into what’s happening at Azam Marketing.


The independent white-label cashback site proposition has gone from strength to strength and we have now launched our 50th partner, Bread Cashback. The site belongs to Bread Card, one of the leading pre-paid card companies in the UK.

We have recruited more partners for eDealsUK in five months than all the other white-label cashback providers in the country combined in five years. Of course, it has involved a phenomenal amount of devotion – for instance, we worked every single day through Christmas and New Year on eDealsUK-related tasks – but we will always pull all the stops to grow our clients’ businesses. It is not for no reason somebody recently called us, “the most ferocious recruitment machine in UK affiliate marketing”.

A new backend for white-label partners is in beta-testing and will go fully live by mid-March. It will include features that don’t exist in the existing interface including allowing partners to amend parts of their sites which will help with SEO.

eDealsUK have also further improved the CPA affiliate program on AffiliateFuture. Affiliates can now earn a very generous 75p per new sign-up on the first tier for 1-250 leads, £1.00 for 251-500 leads and an incredible £1.50 CPA for over 500 leads per month.


I am delighted to report that Azam Marketing is now managing the affiliate program of the leading specialist ink cartridge provider in the UK. InkFactory’s affiliate program has been running since time-immemorial – we ourselves were promoting them as a publisher in 2002 – and has grown to dominate the sector. You wouldn’t even believe how many affiliates are signed up to Ink Factory! Many affiliates are inactive and our task is, of course, to encourage you all to promote and making money from the affiliate program. Stay tuned for developments.

After input from some content affiliates, InkFactory.com have decided to adopt the policy that affiliates may not bid on the brand name or any related terms via paid search. This includes the words ‘ink factory’, ‘inkfactory’, ‘inkfactory.com’, ‘inkfactory.co.uk’ and the words with or without spaces, hyphenated, misspelled or prefixed with the definite article.


It’s taken two years of discussions, so I am especially pleased to announce we will also be managing the Xpango.com affiliate program. 

Xpango uses a unique credit system to reward their customers with free mobile phones, games consoles and MP3 players. There are lots of dodgy sites out there which say you can get free this and free that, whereas in reality making it nigh impossible to qualify for the freebie, but with Xpango you can genuinely get a trendy gadget without paying a penny. So I can see this affiliate program really flying.

As you can see here these guys have got one of the most stylish sites around and me and the team are thoroughly enjoying doing the strategisation for the forthcoming affiliate program. It will be at least a few weeks until it is ready to go as, at the moment, we are still in the middle of discussions with a number of networks to determine who to run it with, but keep your eyes peeled for more news.

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While you wait for the affiliate program, rest yourself infront of XpangoTV, and then join the Xpango group at Facebook.

Azam Marketing

And finally a few words about ourselves. Although I have been running businesses ever since I was a child – I was on Maggie Thatcher’s Enterprise Allowance Scheme for entrepreneurs in my late teens – February was my most frenetic month ever. There was a few days on which I only managed to spare a few seconds to have my first bite to eat at 7 or 8pm. A business analyst friend was observing Azam Marketing has now reached that all-critical tipping point where, after years of going above and beyond the call of duty to generate exceptional results for clients, our reputation is so established we are getting companies contacting us left, right and centre to do tasks for them.

The sheer volume of client work means our own sites have to left on the sidelines and we haven’t had the time to add some much-needed sparkle to this blog and our azam.net site, but as long as our clients are pleased with the work we are doing for them, I can sleep easy at night.

The most satisfying moment of the month for me was when I was sitting by the window of a restaurant with an Affiliate Manager near Marble Arch in central London. I saw a chain store across the road and noted we were working closely with them to do their SEO. Then my eyes scanned along the street and I spotted not one, but two other major shops whose agencies had outsourced their PPC to us.

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