With my passion-cum-obsession for writing, people have been asking me to start a blog for years. I didn’t have the time to because I was having to replace my keyboards every six months penning stuff for clients (I scripted over 100,000 words of articles and several hundred pages of training materials among other things for an online advertising network in the last year), but I have finally caved in and kick-started Azam.info.

I doubt this will match up to the many brilliant blogs on online marketing out there, but have got plans to share some of the knowledge I have acquired in ten years in this industry. There will also be contributions from a couple of the less shy bods on the Azam Marketing team.

If there’s anything at all you would like to see in this blog, drop me a line or catch me at the A4U Expo in London in a few days time.

So, as Bob Dyan might say, add Azam.info to your faves and RSS readers. The feed URL for articles is http://feeds.azam.info .

See you very soon!

Nadeem Azam