If you have been following search engine news then you must have heard that Danny Sullivan recently broke the news about the revelations made by Google against Bing, where Google has accused Bing of stealing their search results. ‘What? Stealing search results?’ Yes, you heard (read) that right.

It’s the digital equivalent of one child accusing another of copying his exam papers.

Google has revealed that they have been planting some fake results in Google for Bing to snif out via their browser and toolbars, after they suspected some close similarities between their search results versus Bing’s and finally trapped Bing taking the bait.

Google went public to declare what Bing was doing, and came out with all the evidence. Google has even gone as far as to say that Bing is a “cheap imitation” of Google. See the original post from Danny Sullivan here.

The timing for this bad news to break out couldn’t have been worse, as recently we saw that some experts were suspecting Bing might finally be posing a threat to Google’s market share after they had seen some positive results on their client websites.

Bing has denied the accusations and called it a “spy-novelesque stunt to generate extreme outliers in tail query ranking”and “take it as a back-handed compliment”.