Here is our regular first of the month round-up of Azam Marketing’s client and company news.


Update on 8th April: this section about FroggyBank was an April Fool’s joke!

The rumours have been true and I’m delighted to report that, after a year of planning and preparation, eDealsUK Limited will be finally spawning an affiliate network in a few day’s time on the 7th of April.
With over 180 websites selling different products, five cashback websites of their own, 54 white-label cashback websites – several of them in partnership with major companies -, all of which will be promoting advertisers on the network, the network will be able to drive a significant volume of leads and sales to merchants.
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The network has the distinct name Froggybank and you can see the logo on the right.
The interface has been custom built from scratch and includes unique features which are not to be found elsewhere.
As well as a robust, feature-rich and user-friendly platform, affiliate and merchant support will be the foremost priority: eDealsUK Limited has 48 staff and 15 of them have been assigned to manage the network.
The network is launching with 21 advertisers, 14 of who are not on any other network. And, before you ask, not one of them is a freebie, competition, survey or gambling merchant which tend to be the mainstay of other embryonic networks.
The countless advertisers who contact eDealsUK every week to receive more exposure on the company’s high-traffic websites will be able to work with the network.
Watch out for the Press Release which is being scripted as we speak. If you have any questions, please email affiliates [at] or merchants [at]
P.S. If you’d like to sign-up to, then hop over to the website on Monday from 09:00 GMT onwards. We will parcel over a pet frog to the first ten registrants.
There’s the old tale of the cobbler’s children having no shoes and our designers have been so busy creating websites for others – such as this one we have just finished for a legal firm in central London – that they seldom find the time to spruce up our own websites. However, we have been working diligently over the last eight months in the spare moments we have had between client projects to create a site to replace the dire-looking and it will launched on 24 April.
Domain Names
After nearly nine months of negotiations, last month we finalised the sale of a domain name to Deutsche Bahn and therefore complete what I believe must be a unique hattrack [sic]: three years ago we sold a domain name to a British train company, last year we sold one to SNCF,  and now one to Deutsche Bahn, which means we have sold domain names to three of Europe’s leading rail operators.
We also managed to sell in March to Die Healthcare Gruppe in Wiesbaden in Germany, which is our third .eu domain name sale in three months.
We have a service in which we use our vast experience and connections to find buyers for domain names. It is charged at our standard hourly rate and, if you’d like to find out more, you may get in touch with details about the domain names you’re looking to sell. 
We have a few hundred established websites and domain names for sales and you can save 20% off regular prices this April. Email domains [at] if you are interested.
Advertising in the Blog
Despite not having the time to post as regularly as we’d like, we have built a loyal readership and am delighted so many people say they enjoy reading it.
In March I had two people contacting me about wishing to advertise in the blog. It’s not something we’re considering at the moment, but when the revamped is completed and goes live in several weeks, we will have grown our subscriber list further and will start to feature advertising.

Job Opportunities

Azam Marketing is expanding at such a ferocious pace that we are recruiting more staff. We have roles for SEO, PPC, PR, Affiliate Management and content writing specialists with at least two years solid experience in their respective disciplines. If you’re interested, email us at results [at] with your CV/resumé and examples of your work. 
You are not merely an employee who makes other people rich at Azam Marketing, but an integral part of the team who OWNS the business and profits from its success
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We are also seeking somebody to help orchestrate the whole band. For this position you must have at least two years professional experience with demonstrable profit in at least three of the following areas: Affiliate Management, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Public Relations, Domain Name Trading, Website/Graphic Design, Sales, Writing, Book-keeping/Accountancy.
You must be ambitious, hard-working and be based in the UK. Ideally should have had familiarity with running a business and/or management experience.
Number of hours per week: 20 – 60, depending on what you are able to commit to. Flexitime.
Good basic salary plus generous share of the business plus bonuses.
Please send detailed email with information about yourself and your experience, as well as full contact details, to results [at] . You should also include your CV and what you feel you can bring to the agency. Deadline: 25 April, 2007.


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