Greetings. Here is this month’s round-up of what our clients and us are up to:


Azam Marketing is pleased to officially relaunch the affiliate program. InkFactory have been the leading inkjet cartridge supplier in the UK for several years and have had an affiliate program since time immemorial. We ourselves were promoting them as a publisher as far back as seven years ago on Tradedoubler and I was fond of them then, so it gives me an extra special pleasure to have them as an Affiliate Management client.
As previously announced, please note that the commission rates for are as follows from the 1st May, 2008: 15% basic tier (for sales with a value of £0-£100), 16% second tier (for sales of £100-£500) and 17.5% highest tier (for sales above £500).
These rates are higher than any other ink cartridge supplier and the Ink Factory affiliate program is well known for its excellent conversion results.
As well as the above changes, there will be some exciting developments taking place with the InkFactory affiliate program this spring including:
  • Thrilling competitions – affiliates will be offered the chance to win fantastic prizes such as a brand new Epson Stylus DX9400F Printer
  • Regularly updated creatives and text links
  • Plenty of buy one get one free offers on selected Ink Factory products including special offers on ‘green’ and recycled ink cartridges and paper
InkFactory is on three major networks. You may sign-up on Affiliate Future, Affiliate Window and Tradedoubler.
Purple Parking
As announced in newsletters to all Purple Parking affiliates and on several affiliate forums, as of the 30th April 2008, Purple Parking’s commission rates will be as follows: 10%, 12.5% and 15% for Purple Parking’s Heathrow airport car park and 7.5% for all other airport car parks.
The reason for the decrease in commission for non-Heathrow airports is because the partners through which they sell the parking space have cut Purple Parking’s commissions. Even though Purple Parking’s commissions have been reduced by more than 25%, they are only decreasing commission to affiliates by 25% for its affiliates, which means it is still presents a highly rewarding opportunity. There are many exciting plans in store this summer, including the launch of a new website. The extra long cookie period of 60 days remains.

Please also be aware that Purple Parking does not permit publishers to link to their website via an affiliate link if there is any voucher or coupon code for Purple Parking on their website or in an email they send out.

This is because when customers use a voucher code and make their booking through an affiliate link, Purple Parking often ends up losing money on the transaction. Discount Codes were only ever intended for the exclusive use of selected people such as Purple Parking Club members and not for the use of affiliate partners.

Any publishers found to be violating these guidelines will have all their commissions revoked and be removed from the affiliate program. These pre-announced terms are now being strictly enforced.
Xpango and Froggybank
The paperwork has almost been completed to get the affiliate programs for these magnificent reward sites underway. The banners have gone through numerous redesigns but are now all but ready. 
Commission Junction have been amazingly helpful and we are looking forward to launching the Xpango and Froggybank affiliate programs on the network this month. Stay tuned.
We recently started a Froggybank Facebook group. Join here.
Azam Marketing Goes Offline
Last week Azam Marketing launched our first ‘real world’ business in 11 years. We have had plans to launch the venture for years, but the economic downturn and property price slump took longer to come about than we had predicted.
The business is joint-owned with a property firm which has 20 years experience in the field. They will be using their experience and we our marketing expertise to find and acquire properties in the UK and USA that owners are having difficulties selling in these challenging times. If you or somebody you know would like to sell a property without the hassle of going through Estate Agents, we can make a cash offer within seven days. Email us at results [at] or call +44 (0) 20 7436 4496 anytime. We will pay a generous bounty for referring sellers to us.
More about Moi
Two bloggers contacted me last month and said they wanted their readers to find out more about me (God knows why!). John Lamberton has published a ‘Day in the Life Of…’ in his blog and Doug Scott an interview:
A Day in the Life of Nadeem Azam
Nadeem Azam Interview: Part 1
I am not particularly looking forward to the publication of Part 2 of the interview, as Doug’s questions were quite probing and I may have given too much away!
Thank Yous
If I was to name everybody who makes online marketing the greatest industry in the world to work in, the list would be as long as my arm. So I’ll stick to offering a special cheers to WHSmith on OMG who sent us a Nintendo Wii and Webgains for the Selfridges vouchers. Thanks to our Account Manager on the former, Stephen Seage for always being there for us, and Sheema Luca on the latter for… just being her, which is the best compliment I can possibly give.
Oh, and I mustn’t forget CJ UK’s Publisher Account Director, a certain Yagmur Guven. Her dedication to publisher support surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced: the Wonderwoman rang me at midnight last Friday to deal with a query she hadn’t been able to get around to handling earlier in the day! (And how did she know I’d be working on the computer?)
A thumbs up also to PPC guru and all-round nice guy Stuart Reader. We went to meet a client in Essex yesterday, but then he kindly drove me over to the coast as I hadn’t seen the sea in a couple of years. Being the English seaside it was rather nippy, but it was delightful to unwind with Stuart and not worry about work for a couple of hours. I’ll have to start learning to taking it a bit more easy now as I’m now officially in the second half of my life (I was 36 yesterday)!
Stuart Reader and Nadeem Azam besides the seaside (shivering!)
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Coming Tomorrow: a wrap-up of Internet World 2008 and Acorn Domains’ London Meet-up.

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