Thank you to all the readers of our blogs and all our friends for their support over the years
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This week sees the 12th anniversary of the founding of Azam Marketing and I’ve forced myself to switch off Outlook for the first time in a good many days to script this blog post to thank everybody who has contributed towards us being able to stick around for all those years.

I couldn’t possibly name all the individuals and companies who have been pivotal to our development and success since we launched on 4 August 1997, as that would run to the many dozens of references. But it includes the likes of the librarians in the early days who would allow me to spend 12 hour days on their computers reading ebooks and building websites because I could not afford an internet connection at home and coders who would construct scripts for me when I could not even afford to pay them $12. It includes people such as super affiliate Allan Gardyne whose weekly newsletters I would read obsessively in the ’90s and inspired me so much, right through to super affiliate manager James Little of AffiliateFuture who practically forced me to go with them to Barbados a few weeks ago on my first holiday in over five years because he felt I needed to take time away from my work. It includes affiliate networks, media agencies, email service providers, web hosts, domain name registrars, programmers, affiliates, affiliate managers, bloggers, CEOs, advertisers, clients, and many friends inside and outside the industry.

And it includes all the wonderful colleagues I am blessed to work with at Azam. They are the most precious thing in my life and the most amiable, hard working and loyal people one can hope to be around. We are more or less a 24/7 business, with some staff finishing their stint at 07:00 GMT and others commencing work at that time, and I feel privileged to be surrounded with a team who are not only such a delight to work with, but so dedicated towards providing a superlative level of service to our clients and going the extra three thousand miles towards helping their businesses prosper.

Ultimately, of course, no entrepreneur can keep going for 12 days nevermind 12 years without the grace of God, and I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to rise from my stool to fight the 13th round when almost all the companies in our sector that entered the ring at the same time as us hit the canvas a long ago.

Thank you for your love and support everyone!

“It’s a tough world out there, and if you’re not a tough guy you won’t survive, not to be where you want to be in your sphere.” Sir Bobby Robson, 18 February, 1933 – 31 July, 2009

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