Find super affiliates, linking partners and niche websites using this free software.
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Internet Success Spider is a very useful tool to help you find super affiliates or web sites within your niche. The program helps Affiliate Managers find super affiliates, and helps affiliates to find joint venture partners and other affiliates to link to.

Looking for affiliates within your product sector can be difficult. It is unlikely that affiliates will find you, you need to find them; Internet Success Spider makes this job easy.

I have recently downloaded this fantastic free software. It is not freeware or spyware as it was previously sold for $80.00. The developer of this product Neil Shearing has decided to make the software free now. The program is very popular and has been purchased by over 4,000 people, making over $300,000.00 in revenue from sales. The tough economic times that are upon us have prompted Neil and his wife Linda to make the Internet Success Spider completely free!

The software is really easy to download and install. It takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have downloaded the software you open it up and are presented with the following screen:

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You can use Internet Success Spider to search for affiliates in two ways. You can either search using keywords related to your niche or using a link. The search results shown from the keyword search will display power sites within that niche. You can then rank the results by their Alexa Rank, Page Rank of the home page or the number of sites linking to that site according to Google.

If you click on the link from the results you will go through to the website so you can see whether they would be a suitable partner for your business. If you right click on the link you can view additional information such as the whois data, the report and in some instances it will be able to pick up the email address of the webmaster so you can email them directly with just one click.

Search results using a link will return results of sites linking into and out of the page. This will enable you to grow the number of sites you can target by looking for sites that are linking with your original query. Again you can sort results by Alexa Rank, Page Rank and the number if link recorded.

You can use the search results from your queries to help you pick out the potential super affiliates by looking at the Alexa ranking and the number of incoming links. The lower the Alexa rank and the higher the number of incoming links, the more traffic the site will have and the higher the likelihood that they could become your next super affiliate!

The system is really simple to use and you can even save searches to access at a later date. You can save the data as a .csv file so you can work with it in Excel and you can also print the data. The one feature I would like to add is the ability to find sites at a country level. I have found from some of the queries I have performed that I get sites from other countries. Regardless of this, I definitely highly recommend using this excellent tool to find websites in your niche.

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