The smoke from the New Year fireworks has barely dissipated and the online marketing events calendar is already in full swing with more gatherings than bugs in Microsoft adCenter. Here is the lowdown on two very different knees ups, the first a clandestine gathering which has been taking place once a month in London and only includes a select number of senior figures from the E-commerce industry, and the second a very public and well-attended event attended by all and sundry involved in one way or another with a fast-growing global advertising network.

The first event was the Speak E-C on 10 January, which featured characters from the advertising, media and software industries. This month’s liquor-dispensing saloon and meeting point was The Cellar Door in London’s Covent Garden.

The Cellar Door is an intriguing venue which was converted from, believe it or not, men’s underground lavatories. It has a quirky mix of the old (snuff boxes) and modern (you can select the song playing on the jukebox by sending a SMS).

Alongside the revelry, the gathering enjoy a lively debate about what was in store for the world of E-commerce in 2008, and there were discussions about possible tie-ups on future ventures; all conversation screeched to a halt when a delightful live cabaret started at 9 o’clock.

Among the motley crew of attendees were Adam Mangan, Sales Director for marketing agency Lateral Group and Charlie Brooke, Technical Architect at Cix Online, who have been providing internet services for a jaw-dropping 20 years. Other luminaries included Ross Broadbent, Director of Strategy, Innovation and Development for business networking portal Marzar, Asif Mirza, Sales Manager for market research specialists GlobalPark, and Anna McFadyen, who has formerly held managerial positions at TNS, GfK and WPP and is currently Community Director at online adverting network PrimeQ.

The next Speak E-C takes place in London in early February and if you’re keen on attending, write to Azam Marketing at results [at] with a brief description of what you do and your contact details and we’ll forward your email to the organisers.

Click play below to see pictures from the evening (includes music).



A write-up and pictures of the other January ’08 London event, Zanox’s New Year party, follows in a few hours, and then we feature an enlightening interview with one of the sharpest observers of the online marketing scene in Europe, Tim Nilsson, Vice President of Publisher Management at Zanox Group.