Our Christmas present for affiliates is 16 eye-catching new banners for the eDealsUK affiliate program which we manage. The banners have been uploaded to Affiliate Future and are available now.
Existing creative has been replaced with the new brand banners and, wherever possible, I have tried to match the existing banners – so a red banner has been replaced with a red one.
Whereas the banners were previously in one category, I have created seperate folders to make it easier for you to find the creatives you want. There are folders for 120×60, 468×60, 120×600, 125×125 pixel size creatives and text links.
eDealsUK is converting very well, an average of just over 8.2% and up to 20% for our highest performing affiliates. It is easy to make money because the only details your referrals have to enter is their email address and password. Once they have confirmed their email, you earn your 75p!
Unlike other similar sites, we don’t ask for masses of data from users before they sign-up and there are no co-registration options to distract them from the action that will earn you your commission.
Just imagine all the steps that shoppers have to go through before they buy a DVD, CD or book online, and, at a typical 5% commission on a £10 purchase, an affiliate is rewarded with a mere 50p. With eDealsUK, you earn 75p for a process that takes the surfer a few seconds and requires no purchase.
You can see a couple of the new graphics for affiliates below. More creative will be made available in the New Year.
Should you require any assistance with promoting this fabulous affiliate program, please email Azam Marketing on results AT azam.net or call 0800 018 5600 between 08:00 and 22:30 on any day.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sample new creative for affiliates
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Sample new creative for eDealsUK affiliate program
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About eDealsUK Limited

eDealsUK.com is a fast-growing cashback site in the UK paying generous affiliate referral commissions
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Since launching in 2004, Yorkshire-based eDealsUK Limited has proven to be a trailblazing internet enterprise and now runs 120 web properties in total. The company has 32 full-time staff, 6 part-time and is actively recruiting for more.

eDealsUK.com has quietly grown to become of the leading incentive portals with hundreds of thousands of members. With a reputation for offering generous cashback rewards and quality customer care, the website is gearing itself for the next phase of growth with an array of initiatives in the pipeline for 2008.