I am proud to announce the launch of what I believe is one the best and most lucrative affiliate programs in the UK ever. Instead of earning a few pence or quid once-off for generating a lead or sale for a merchant, which means you have to continually hunt for new customers, V A C Media will build you a white-label cashback and voucher code site and pay you 50% revenue share for LIFE. Instead of building somebody else’s brand, you will grow your own.

My strapline on ABestWeb has been “Residuality will set you free” for many many years and, as I keep saying to affiliates, nothing beats developing a recurring/residual income stream. To give an example, I myself am still earning a handsome monthly sum from customers I referred to Equitalk’s low cost phone service as far back as 2003.

As an affiliate myself since 1997, everybody knows the interests of affiliates will always be my first, second and third priority. A phenomenal amount of hard work has gone into setting up the V AC Media white-label service and we will do everything we can to make sure this program satisfies affiliates’ needs.

We make money if you make money; we will do everything we can to help you succeed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Best wishes,

V A C Media are proud to announce the launch of their new white label offering which will give you the chance to earn nearly half the revenue for life.

Who are V A C Media?

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Based in West Yorkshire and London, V A C Media have been in business since 2004 and own 350 websites in total.

In just one year alone V A C Media won a prestigious AOP Award and a Swift Award, and was a finalist for an e-Consultancy Award and a Performance Marketing Award.

They have been running a network of incentive websites for nearly ten years. In that time they have attracted hundreds of thousands of members to their cashback services. The company’s annual rate of growth has been 300%. In

The chart of cashback sites from CashbackNews.co.uk, shows that, among others, three of the top 15 websites are operated by V A C Media:

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Chart based on Alexa rankings, Cashback News

Instead of PR, V A C Media have preferred to focus until now on the logistics of developing a reputable business with a sound footing for long term expansion plans. The foremost emphasis has been to provide the highest level of support for members: the Service Level Agreement ensures queries are handled within 24 hours by a dedicated support team. There are more customer service staff than any cashback site in the UK.

V A C Media Limited has 65 full-time staff, 6 part-time and is actively recruiting for more. A registered company in England, V A C Media complies with all relevant legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998.

White label cashback / voucher code discounts site

V A C Media have been setting up the infrastructure to offer white-label sites for over three years.

Here’s what you get:

Your own custom loyalty site like Free Cashback
Fully branded to your needs
Flexibility to scale and add more features
Option to edit and add content to parts of the website anytime
We take care of maintaining merchant list, updating latest offers and vouchers
We take care of customer queries through an online helpdesk
We process all payments to members through BACS
Payments will be sent to members in your brand name
Well defined SLA: All your customers will get a reply to their tickets within 24 working hours
We have full time programmers and developers who can provide technical support when needed
Monthly newsletters to customers with your branding
Option to include your own offers in the emails
Option for you to manage the mailing yourself if you prefer
Sign-up bonus and friend referral bonus amounts for your customers can be customised
You will be able to get people to sign-up to your site and the cashback site at the same time
You can increase joining and referral bonuses during special promotions or marketing campaigns
You can have the option of having full control of your customers email addresses
Since we have many other cashback sites with hundreds of thousands of members, we can negotiate better commissions with merchants
You have as much control of your member base as you want
We do not take a “one size fits all” approach. If we need to modify our offering to suit your audience, we will.

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And lots more exciting features in the pipeline.

Who will own the members of my white-label cashback site?

You did the hard work in getting them to sign-up, so they belong to you. You will own them and have access to their full contact details.

How will I see many members I have and revenue generated?

You will have 24 hour access to a control panel where you can see member activities and detailed revenue stats.

We are happy to send you the login details of a demo administration panel.

Have you any experience in running white label sites?

We have run several cashback sites for many years, built on robust inhouse solutions.

We have dozens of existing white-label clients who are delighted with our offering. An example white-label site is Free Cashback.

Here is a testimonial from Oliver Inwards of Purple Parking:

“After communication with all of the top cashback sites in the UK, it soon became apparent that V A C Media were by far the best in terms of response time and many other important aspects. We therefore chose to whitelabel our cash back site with V A C Media. V A C Media are extremely quick to respond and therefore efficient and reliable.

With doshback.com we are able to give our customers a “value add” product which enables them to buy near enough anything and get some of their money back. We are offering our core product – airport parking to the options which enables our customers to book airport parking which enables our customers to book airport parking with a cash back guarantee.


V A C Media have created a very user-friendly interface / reporting function was everything is set out very clearly.


The first impression we had matched the service we have received to this day. We are happy to have chosen V A C Media as a partner and are sure that this will be a long partnership.”


Here’s a reference from the Head of Digital at Mirror Group Newspapers:

“We spent a long time looking for a partner to help us deliver a Cashback site that would reflect the brand values of the Daily Mirror – trust, honesty, and value. VAC Media’s knowledge and expertise was immediately apparent; together with their wealth of experience in operating Cashback sites, they were our # 1 choice.

The entire team at VAC Media are very customer oriented, extremely responsive and diligent and have delivered beyond our expectation – a perfect partner – I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Our site will offer added value to our existing site visitors. We look forward to building an extra income stream without the hassle of developing our own cashback solution or managing cashback customers on a daily basis.”

UPDATE in November 2014: We have now launched over 230 cashback sites in the last decade!

How much commission will I get?

You will earn more than half the revenue share! This is the highest of any cashback site in the UK.

How much will all this cost?

We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last 10+ years developing our cashback technologies and it takes considerable time to set-up and create the state-of-the-art white-label websites we build for partners. Therefore we require a set-up fee of a few thousand pounds from partners to contribute towards the costs, which is a small part of the costs we have to bear.

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If you are not willing to invest such a sum into setting up your cashback business, unfortunately we would not be able to service you.

How do I find out more?

The Partner Relations Management and Public Relations is being handled by Azam Marketing, who are handling support to partners from 08:00-22:30, 365 days a year. Please study the above information carefully to see if your questions have been answered.

If you wish to apply for a white-label site by submitting a detailed Marketing Plan of how you will acquire members, please contact our Client Services Director, Amy Jones, who has several years experience in online marketing. Her contact details are:

email: amy [at] azam.net
Office Phone: Ring us anytime at our UK office on +44 (0) 20 33 55 4334 or our US office on +1 (760) 684-8120 – we are available for our clients 365 days a year.

UPDATE: We have been literally swamped with emails over the last three days. Thanks for the phenomenal interest, but 90% of the messages have been about four lines long, saying not much more than “hi mate. cool idea. please can you set one up 4 me. i will do ppc on adwords ‘innit. cheers”.

May I respectfully remind you that you are doing yourself no favours by writing an amateurish email which does nothing to project you as a serious potential business partner.

It costs V A C Media a significant amount of time and resources to set-up and maintain each white-label site and they will not accept every Tom, Dick and Harry who thinks they can become the next mega-cashback site by bidding 10p a click on “cashback on shopping”, “cashback uk shopping” and (the smart ones are thinking) “cashbakc uk shopping” in Adwords. As the post above clearly states: “You will need to get in touch with detailed information about yourself/your business and how you intend to promote your white-label cashback site.”

We are more than happy to set-up white-labels for partners at no initial profit for ourselves but please write in to amy [at] azam.net with detailed information about your experience in business and a comprehensive marketing plan explaining how you intend to attract visitors to your site.