Nadeem Azam will be giving two presentations for affiliate marketers at this year's a4uexpo London. Get 10% discount if you enter voucher code 'SPKD10' when booking
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Over the years I’ve had dozens of people encouraging me to do more public speaking, but I’ve simply not been able to find the time among all my commitments. However, after not an inconsiderable amount of arm twisting from a few sources, I have finally relented and agreed to speak at the a4u expo taking place in London on 13 and 14 October.

Here are the talks I’ll be giving. The first one is by myself and the second with the fabulous Grant Reid from Stream:20:

“Day One – 13th October 2009 – 16:00 – 17:00 – Platinum 3

My 12 Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes in 12 Years

Affiliate marketing guru Nadeem Azam provides an in-depth, informative and sometimes humorous insight into the biggest mistakes he has made each year since starting out in affiliate marketing in 1997 and also shares some of the secrets of success. “I see most affiliates starting their journeys in this industry making the same misjudgements and it frustrates me because I don’t want them to waste months of their precious time as I have done,” says Nadeem. “Hopefully, by learning from the mistakes I have made, people will be able to generate a healthy income from affiliate marketing a lot quicker than I was able to!”

Topics covered will include: lack of focus; entering too many and not the most profitable sectors/verticals; lack of delegation and outsourcing; poor eCRM; lack of mailing lists and newsletters; promoting low CPA/CPS merchants; being too dependent on certain merchants for income; poor time-management. Followed by a Q&A Session.”

“Day Two – 14th October 2009 – 17:15 – 18:15 – Platinum 4

The Affiliate Sales Kit – Writing Killer Proposals and Selling Yourself To Merchants

Hear two experts within the affiliate sphere talk about how to power up your sales armoury. Nadeem, with 12 years experience in the sector, has often won pitches against larger companies, winning contracts from the likes of Trinity Mirror, Newsquest, Tesco and Virgin Holidays. He will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Writing and Presenting Killer Proposals and Pitches’. In this must-attend session Nadeem will go into detail about how to hit the right buttons to win lucrative deals from big brand advertisers and their agencies.

Meanwhile Grant will be presenting on how affiliates must influence the key decision makers within the respective online teams. He’ll discuss how you need to ensure you sell your business and the sales benefits to the client and that affiliates need to promote the efficient use of budget and try to pull budget from other less efficient marketing channels to grow, develop and survive! Topics will include; Talking to the decision makers, selling your services, PPC, SEO & Twitter, Targeting, The importance of regular contact, other RTM’s as competition and the risk reward model.”

As usual there will be a few members of the Azam Marketing team at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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