An entrepreneur's life is often a rocky one. 

Watch a very candid video below from Azam Marketing's CEO about his ups and downs over the last six months.
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We are pleased to release a new video in which Azam’s CEO Nadeem candidly describes the tumultuous ups and downs he’s been through in the first half of 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak and other matters.

He also reveals the first of a few exciting new initiatives launching from Team Azam in the second half of this year.

Watch it here:

In the video Nadeem encourages you to pen a review of Azam Marketing if you’d like to. Here’s links to our profile in three places – on Google, Facebook and on Trustpilot – you are welcome to consider posting your reviews to:

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Thank you. Your support is always greatly appreciated.

The presentation is the first in a triumvirate of videos entitled “The Azam Comeback”. Watch next two in the series here on

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