Azam Marketing has been shortlisted as Affiliate Management Agency of the Year 2009. Vote for us to be the winner
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Awards have never been my thing. I was not even going to attend last year’s fabulous a4u affiliate marketing awards until a last minute invite and encouragement from Chris Bishop the-then Affiliate Manager of House of Fraser saw me dashing around central London two hours before the event to buy my formalwear for the ceremony and then I gave the pedestrians around Oxford Street a sight to behold as I put them on in the taxi on the way to the event. At Azam Marketing we have never entered any awards simply because I’ve been too busy getting on with my job in life which is to drive sales and leads for our advertisers. So, when a few weeks ago my colleague Karen Clayton said we should consider participating in the a4u awards, I gave my usual reactions which was that I had too much on my plate, we’ve got a backlog of work and so on and so forth.

However, she managed to convince me it would be worthwhile paying attention to the awards, and I’m glad she did, because I have found out we have been shortlisted along with R. O. Eye, Existem Affiliate Management and Equator as Affiliate Management Agency of 2009. It means a lot to me because the category is based on the votes of the entire UK affiliate marketing community, both publishers and networks.

I see it as a recognition of the efforts of the entire team here at Azam, no matter which division they operate in. I am always blown over by the dedication everybody shows: for instance last Monday, when it was a Bank Holiday, three quarters of all the staff chose to work.

The dream team of four Affiliate Managers we have in the agency, Sinead Hernen, Karen Clayton, Louise Goldstein and Yagmur Guven, give every ounce of their energy to offer the best service to both our advertisers and publishers. I was tremendously proud when the Wednesday before last, at Internet World, a Director of one of the UK affiliate networks said that one of our staff members was the most reliable person in the entire industry.

Here are pictures of our four amazingly-talented and dedicated Affiliate Managers who I am privileged to work with in our Affiliate Management division:

Sinead Hernen, Karen Clayton, Louise Goldstein and Yagmur Guven: Shortlisted for Affiliate Management Agency of 2009 Award
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I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone for being kind enough to nominate us as the a4u Affiliate Management Agency of 2009. It is much appreciated.

The Affiliate Managers on the other shortlisted agencies – and many that haven’t been shortlisted – work amazing hard and really know their stuff. I know because, in my affiliate capacity, I work and socialise with them on a regular basis. I have voted for two of the three other shortlisted agencies in previous years and, as part of my rotation policy, funnily enough was intending to vote for the third nominee this year! Because they are all dear friends who I have the highest of respect for and who I want to do well, I am guaranteed to be delighted on the 2nd of June because the a4u award will go to an agency which I think is brilliant!

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UPDATE: Azam Marketing ended up being voted ‘Highly Commended’ Affiliate Management Agency of the Year!