Azam Marketing’s CEO Nadeem announces the launch of company’s new “Going 24 For Our 24th” service for clients to mark the company’s very special anniversary.

It’s the 4th of August, 1997. Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ has won a landslide victory in the UK general election, the unknown JK Rowling’s debut novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has recently been published, and Steve Jobs returns to take the helm again at a floundering Apple. In the previous week Princess Diana has attended a funeral service in Milan for her friend the fashion designer Gianni Vemail newsletters broadcastersace (little is she to know that in four weeks’ time she is also to pass away in an equally horrific manner).

In the bedroom of a shabby apartment in Camden, north London, I am hunched over an Elonex-branded desktop computer. After a year of painstaking research and preparation, I finally launch my assault onto an embryonic internet, a company that will build websites and generate customers for businesses through online marketing. It wasn’t born as Azam Marketing on that sultry summer’s day, but that’s what it was eventually renamed.

I have to pinch myself that, a quarter of a century later, Azam Marketing is still alive and kicking, and my staff and I are continuing to beaver away day-in day-out to enable organisations large and small to fulfil their electric dreams. I would not be exaggerating if I estimated that at least 99% of the companies I worked with in 1997 did not last until 2011 nevermind 2021. The commercial slice of the internet is the ultimate expression of the free market and only the ridiculously fittest survive.

One ingredient that has contributed towards Azam’s longevity and success has been us providing a level of service to our clients that nobody else in our field can come close to. Everybody in businessland talks the talk about providing superlative customer service, but preciously few live up to their mantras.

As customers, we all become aware of this, for instance, when we try to call the majority of organisations and hear their automated systems blaring out to us every few seconds “your call is very important to us”, yet realising it would be easier for us to glide to Pluto for a barbecue than (a) get through to someone and (b) then, in the unlikely scenario of (a) being realised, getting that somebody to adequately deal with our matter.

Azam has always been about substance rather than spin and therefore, anybody who has called us knows that, whether they dial our digits at 11am on a Monday morning or 11pm on a Friday night, whether they give us a buzz at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon or the same time on a Sunday afternoon, we will pick up the call within five rings every single time. No ifs, not buts, we will.

This person on the end of the line won’t be a polite but utterly useless receptionist, but one of our Account Managers who has the experience and expertise to brilliantly deal with our clients’ concerns then and there. The same applies to customers trying to contact us through every other means.

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The one chink in our armour, a sore point for me for years, has been that I have sometimes not been able to have Account Managers available to provide live support in the very early hours of the morning here in the UK, around 02:00 – 06:00 GMT.

Well, without further ado, it’s drum-roll time… because, that gap in our availability will not exist any more, and I am ecstatic to announce that, to mark Azam Marketing’s 24th anniversary… we will be available for all our clients henceforth 24 hours a day. Oui, absolutement, that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

No matter which time of the day or night you contact us by telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, email or our client interface, we will have at least one, and usually more, Account Managers on hand to deal with your query on the spot.

What does this groundbreaking initiative mean for you?

  1. Reduced stress – you will no longer be frustrated constantly trying to get hold of somebody
  2. Time savings – you will no longer be wasting time repeatedly trying to get your matter dealt with
  3. Productivity boost – your projects will come to fruition and yield results quicker, smoother and more efficiently
  4. More profit – because we move much faster than other agencies, we can capitalise on short-term opportunities and also enable you to earn profits from your assignments quicker

Our existing and past clients have regularly eulogised our V.I.P. level of customer service and the very tangible benefits it has provided them as individuals and the organisations they work for.

I’ll share a couple of examples, out of thousands: whenever we have become aware of an opportunity for our clients to gain exposure in affiliate marketer’s email newsletters – sometimes being broadcast to millions of subscribers – the following day if we can provide the copy and creative within a few hours, even if we become aware at 6pm, because we always work in the evenings anyway, our designers have been able to create the marketing materials that are required and send them to the affiliate by, say, 9pm, ready for the affiliate to pick up when they start their work the following morning. The net benefit? Our clients’ campaigns are advertised, at no cost, to often millions of potential customers.

Another example is a former client, the national British newspaper, the Daily Mirror. Azam Marketing carried out the eCRM and email marketing for the publication. No matter how many times we asked them to provide creative to us well in advance for deployment to their subscribers, they would almost always do so at the last minute – for instance, 7pm for mailing Mirror Football the following morning, or 5:30pm on a Friday evening for mailing Mirror Reader Offers at 9am on the Monday morning. While every other agency would say to the client “can’t do what you need guv’, we’re off work”, Azam Marketing’s around-the-clock service meant we managed to get 100% of the Mirror’s email newsletters broadcast, to their humongous subscriber base, without fail.

It’s not only been large corporations that have benefited from Azam Marketing’s unparalleled availability. One of our most long-standing clients is Jasmine El-Doori, who runs a psychotherapy service called Psychotherapy4You and she has been enjoying our services for two decades. She states:

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“I have been a client of Azam Marketing for the last 20 years.

“During that time, I have received round the clock technical support – often out of hours. The team has always been available to resolve urgent website issues, explaining clearly what needs to be done and the timeline needed to fix it.

“Congratulations on Azam Marketing’s 24th anniversary along with the launch of a new 24/7 live support service for clients.

“The team are incredibly dedicated, polite, reassuring and knowledgeable. Thank you.”

If Jasmine has had an issue at 10pm or 12 midnight, pas de problème, our experts have been available to deal with the matter then and there.

Contact us now to avail yourself of the same award-winning silver spoon service Jasmine has for 20 years… indeed, an even superior one, as we are “Going 24 On Our 24th”.

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