Screengrab of interview with Nadeem, CEO of Azam Marketing, in Doug Scott's controversial blog. Read the fascinating interview below.
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The irrepressible Doug Scott contacted me a while back asking to carry out an interview with me for his blog. I must admit I had to think about it for a while as Doug’s writings have been known to ruffle a few feathers and I was worried about the questions he’d ask!

But he’s such a lovable chap that I relented, and he finally published the full interview today.

As one would predict from Doug, some of his questions were a bit cheeky, but he did succeed in making me open up in a way no previous interviewer has.

You may read the interview below:

“This is carrying on from original interview but also is expanding my list of people you should know in the online industry:

Who are you? Nadeem Azam

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Age? 35

Height? 172cm / 5″ 8′

Weight? 65kg

Birthday? 1.5.72

Birthplace? Bradford, West Yorkshire

Zodiac Sign? Taurus

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Origin? Ethnically Asian

What do you do now?

Run Azam Marketing, an online marketing and web design agency ( ). We carry out Affiliate Management, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, PPC, Public Relations, Email Marketing, Domain Name Trading and Graphic / Web Design.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? 3….not 🙂

Do you go to the gym? No

How much do you drink? Have never drank alcohol……loads then:)

Favourite food? Fish and chips

Favourite drink?

Quatro. They stopped selling it in Britain in about 1985 and apparently it’s only available in South America now. I’ll see if there’s an after this interview to see if I can order them online.

Last holiday?

Can’t remember; I think it was when I went to Italy about six years ago

Best holiday?

Went to Swansea in my teenage years. The Mumbles is amazing in the summer, as are the Welsh throughout the year….you are kidding aren’t you????

Worst holiday?

Poland in the winter – not much to cheer you up when it’s minus 15 and you don’t drink vodka


To go back to 1986, be in Mexico and watch the second best World Cup of all time live… and then rewind the clock 16 years further back to watch Pele, Jairzinho et al produce their magic in the same country

Favourite film?

Sholay. It’s a pulsating and emotion-charged Indian film which has been voted the best movie of all time in many awards ceremonies.


Of the love of my life a few days before she passed away…sorry

Favourite place to eat and why?

A summer picnic in London’s Hampstead Heath. The nearest place to heaven on earth.

Things you have done?

The three meaningful things I feel I have done are:

  1. carried out the hajj
  2. truly loved
  3. met Jacques Derrida

Seven things to do before you die are:

  1. Complete two novels I started in the mid-1990s to my satisfaction (not as easy as I am not satisfied with 99% of my writing)
  2. Complete two non-fiction titles I started in the mid-1990s and I spent a few hundred hours in libraries researching
  3. Read all the books on my list of ‘must reads’… there are 121 books on it now
  4. Do some voluntary work in an Old People’s Home
  5. Work in a village in Africa and help the people in whatever way I can
  6. Set up and teach at a free hothouse school for highly gifted children from deprived backgrounds and see them succeed
  7. Meet Diego Maradona

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When did you loose your virginity?

No comment

Where did you loose your virginity?

No comment I said!

How much did it cost for you to loose your virginity?

I really can’t comment!

Do you wax? I shave, if that counts

When did you last change your underwear? This morning

What worries you the most in general?

I am the world’s worst worrier: I worry about everything ranging from whether I should have used a semi-colon instead of a colon in an article I wrote a few days previously to poverty in Zimbabwe to the seals that are being battered in the culling season in Canada

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Football/Rugby/Wanker? Football

What type of car do you have? No car

Where do live With who? I live with Marilyn (the PC)

Where do you wish you lived? Jerusalem

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Who do you wish you lived with?

I’d like to live with a wife and two daughters who will be called Anne-Marie and Marijke. I often fantasize about throwing Marilyn out of the window.

Have you been on an airplane Was it good?

Yes, I have flown abroad. Have been generally safe journeys, except once when I was flying over the Alps to Italy

What would you do with 100 million?

I’d give £95 million away to friends and family and the world’s poor and suffering people. The remaining £5 million would be more than enough for me to life off ’til my last breath

Whats the most unethical thing you have done?

Belonged to a brand name bidding group!

Have you been in jail? No

How many business’s have you had What dd they do?

I have had several businesses since I was a teenager. I have done everything from programme and sell my own games for the Commodore 64 right through having a copywriting business to running my own online bookstore

What did you want to do when you left school?

I wanted to write. The hunger hasn’t left me and perhaps only other writers would understand that I’d rather forgo food than not be able to write.

Are you dyslexic? No

Are you left handed? No

Do you use face cream? No

Have you tatoos? No

Have you any body piercing Where? No

Do you feel you are sucessful Explain?

On an entrepreneurial and practical level, yes, I am fortunate enough to probably be the most successful person in the school of 1400-odd students I attended. For example, in terms of accommodation, I have struggled to move from being homeless when I first moved to London 16 years ago to residing for nine years in one of the most decrepit and dangerous council estates in the city, to now living in one of the most desirable locations in the capital where most of the residents are millionaires. But such achievements are not of paramount significance to me. I have been a failure in terms of spiritual, political, intellectual and artistic pursuits, and in terms of not having done as much for the unfortunate as I could have. That is my next goal

What motivates you to go to work?

The biggest satisfaction I get is helping new affiliates and Account Managers to get started in the game. I get tremendous pleasure teaching them. My delight is when their hard work pays off and terms like ‘eCPM’ and ‘CPM-CPL hybrid’ begin to trip effortlessly off their tongues

What are you good at, work and social?

I’m not very good at most things. I used to be an OK spin bowler… I once got a Pakistani international batsman out in my first ball.

What would you like to be good at? I’d like to be a better writer

What are you hopeless at?

I wouldn’t know where to start! I’m a lousy drawer and I can’t play a single musical instrument, not even a triangle

Who is your hero? Jesus (peace be upon him)

Have you any pets, what are they are whats their names? None

Have you ever been the victim of unrequited love, who?

My closest friends know I have been in love with a lovely lass in affiliate marketing for years! Only problem is she is married, so I don’t do anything about it

How many hours of TV do you watch?

After years of not having a TV, I finally bought one because my guests kept complaining. I watch about two hours a week. Repeats of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ on UK TV Gold keep me busy when I’m not watching BBC News 24 or BBC 4

How often do you have sex?

It’s not something I have the time for, alas

Are you on a diet, should you be?

I’m on the ‘Running an Online Marketing Agency Plan’. It means you are so busy with your work that you don’t have the time to eat, and you have to whizz around London rushing to clients’ offices every day; as a result it keeps you slim. I only managed to have my first bite to eat since breakfast at 7pm today, which is not unusual

Do you have a hat, what colour is it?

I have a gangsta movie hat which one of our clients, Warner Bros., sent me a few years ago. I haven’t gotten around to buying another hat, so I throw it on when it’s raining and it makes my friends laugh as it doesn’t go with my formal attire

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Try this one:

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What was the last book you read?

Jane Austen’s Persuasion, for about the sixth time. The text is packed with so many layers of meaning that I discover new things each and every time

Do you die your hair?

I sometimes have it highlighted with a bit of brown or red…stop it

If you could be anyone in the world who would it be?

The Brazilian footballer Kaká. His incredible on-the-field skills are eclipsed by the benevolant and humble person he is off the field.

Companies you love and why?

I would have to say I admire Oxfam if you don’t mind me classifying them as a ‘company’

Person you admire and why?

If I could mention a group of people, it would be all the Account and Affiliate Managers in online marketing who work under tremendous pressure and get flak from all sides: affiliates, advertisers and their bosses. Unlike affiliates they generally do not have the freedom to give their side of the story in forums and blogs

Person you dispise and why?

People who waste their money on flashy cars and five star hotels while 25,000 people starve to death every single day…….affiliates take note

What worries you the most about work?

Not doing the best for my clients, my merchants and my affiliates

Best advice about starting a business?

Don’t. Whenever friends ask me about starting their own business, I advise them against it. It’s easier to do a 9am-5pm Monday-Friday job than the 9am-9pm Monday-Sunday many entrepreneurs do

Best advice about starting a business with someone else?

I’d advise against it as it usually ends acrimoniously.

Where do you put all your money?

I have always reinvested it into expanding the business, acquiring the best staff and building the most formidable infrastructure

What would you do if you weren’t doing what you are doing now?

Like I said, I’m not very good at most things, so it’d be a real problem. I would have loved to have been a primary school teacher

Where do you buys links from?

Our Google Adwords bill almost brings tears to my eyes, but we probably spend a lower percentage of our ad spend on Google than most other PPCers. We have burned tens of thousands of quid on many of the smaller and niche search engines. Most have been a waste, but we have discovered two or three gems

Should Matt Cutts shave off his beard?

That question keeps me awake at night!

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How much money did you make last year? Six figures

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Who paid you the most?

We generated over £6 million in sales for a high street retailer, so made a fair whack in affiliate commission. Would have made more, but they capped us two months before the end of the year as they had a fixed budget for affiliate marketing and it had been used up, which was incredibly frustrating!

Who is the best looking person in the industry?

The stunner in affiliate marketing who I have been mesmerised by for three years

What’s the next big thing?

I don’t welcome it, but the big will get bigger, whether it is networks, advertisers or publishers, and the smaller players will gradually be driven out of the market”

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