Almost three months in at Azam and what an action-packed time I’ve had.

People let this phrase roll off their tongue without really meaning it, but I can honestly say ‘time has flown by…’

Before even starting my new job, I was given the opportunity to meet my London-based colleagues. We had, what was to be my first of two Christmas meals!

Arsenal and Liverpool footballers - picture of the Emirates Stadium
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A couple of my colleagues were on a high as they had just returned from visiting the Emirates stadium courtesy of Affiliate Future. As huge Arsenal fans, they took great pleasure from learning that I support Liverpool. Say no more!

A lovely meal later, I was left feeling pretty pleased with my decision to join Azam Marketing and looking forward to working with, and I quote, ‘superstars’ at the company.

My first day and I was back in Brick Lane, home of my previous employer, LBi. I’d only left the agency a week or so before and didn’t think I’d be back in the area so quickly. But there I was, bright and early at Liverpool Street station, heading straight to a nearby cafe for a quick hot chocolate (not being much of a tea or coffee person…) and a chat with Nadeem, before setting off to meet one of our new clients, UK2.Net.

A couple of hours later we were meeting another one of our clients, Signature Gifts. Six hours in, and two client meetings under my belt – not bad going! The day was far from over though. That evening, we were kindly invited to a Christmas dinner by another of our clients, Purple Parking. The venue was ‘Da Remo’, an Italian restaurant in a lovely little rural village west of Heathrow called Denham (i.e. a million miles from Seven Kings, my home town).

Italian Restaurant Da Remo in Denham, Buckinghamshire
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We were wined, dined and entertained, and even treated to a rendition of the Purple Parking team song, set to the tune of Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. Just replace the words ‘walking on sunshine woah oh’ with ‘parking at purple woah oh’ – er yes, you had to hear it to believe it!

I can’t remember what time my head hit the pillow that night, but I certainly remember thinking I’d never had such an eventful, memorable first day at any job before…

The following week I was up in Leeds for five days meeting and getting to know my colleagues, Karen, Sinead and James. There was a lot to learn and catch up on, so it was great to have the opportunity to do it face to face. Not only that, but I was treated to another Christmas dinner, this time with the Northern team in Leeds. I also had the pleasure of meeting the team at V A C Media in the beautiful setting of Riddlesden, which is a picturesque village on the outskirts of Bradford.

I had never been further north than Birmingham before, so it was a real treat to see the cities of Leeds and Manchester as well as the surrounding, scenic countryside.

Back down in London just before Christmas, the real work began. Intensive training sessions helped me to swiftly learn more about Azam’s clients and the background to our business. Meeting potential clients and nailing new contracts since then has been hugely satisfying and I’ve really enjoyed helping my colleagues with existing campaigns and building on what we’ve already hugely achieved as a company.

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It’s going to an interesting 2010 as we continue bringing Azam Marketing to the forefront of people’s minds, educating advertisers as well as learning from our surroundings. Another year of striving to make Affiliate Marketing an even more innovative form of marketing a merchant’s products.

If you’re interested in learning more about us the services we offer, visit or contact us here. If you would like to contact me directly, you can do so at pam [at]