The economy may be going Pete Tong, but there’s been no slowdown in how fast Azam Marketing is fortunate enough to be growing and June was the most successful month to date in our 11 year history. Here’s an insight into about a hundredth of what’s been happening by Nadeem.


Commission Junction is one of our favourite networks because as soon as we launch an affiliate program it attracts hundreds of publishers, and it has been no different with Xpango. Although it only went live a month ago, the affiliate program has already proven to be a runaway success and affiliates are earning good sums of money referring people to this unique site.

For the uninitiated, Xpango allows members to receive a free games console, MP3 player, mobile phone and now even a Blackberry – all mailed anywhere in the world for free – for registering and then participating in offers or buying credits. The site boasts an impressive 1,289,840 members at the time of writing.

Win a seriously cool Nintendo Wii this July in's affiliate competition
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Xpango’s is currently running an affiliate competition which ends on the 31st of this month. The publisher that generates the most leads between the 1st June and 31st July, 2008 gets to win a Nintendo Wii plus a Wii Fit pad.

That’s not all – all publishers who produce over 50 leads with actions during this time will also be placed in a draw to win an iPod Nano.

We have put together some new high-converting HTML email creative for email marketers: write to us at xpango [at] if you’d like to use the creative.

Find out more about the Xpango affiliate program.

We have been out there all guns ablazing to spread the word about, and I have to thank Publicity Heaven who have been brilliant to work with and are a super PR agency.  

It seems the 100% cashback website is everywhere now, whether it is on news websites, forums, blogs, radio, or Facebook. It’s no surprise it is experiencing record growth.

We also launched the Froggybank CPA affiliate program last month on Commission Junction.

Azam Marketing – PR

It seems the harder I try to step back from the glare of attention, the more I am thrust into it.

To lessen the focus on myself, for instance, ever since this blog was started last year I have asked people when they are adding it to their blogrolls to use the agency name rather than mine. In June I removed my picture from my avatar on forums such as Affiliates4U and Acorn Domains and replaced it with the company logo.

However, business needs mean that I am forced to be ‘out there’ whether I like it or not. In June I carried out three BBC radio interviews to spread the word about Froggybank. I was also interviewed in City AM newspaper and on Doug Scott’s blog.

The three radio interviews with different BBC local stations were to advise people on how to save money online, comment on Sainsbury’s shopping website going down for a few days, and to talk about’s phenomenal rate of growth. Each appearance gets two or three mentions of Froggybank and other eDealsUK websites, so it’s worth the effort.

The media don’t give much notice when they want you to appear – sometimes they just let you know a couple of hours beforehand – and fitting the interviews in between my many meetings does lead to scenarios that I would find amusing were they not to involve me.

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For instance, yesterday’s interview on BBC Three Counties Radio was carried out on my mobile phone as I was sitting in the basement of McDonalds in Camden Town. Just five minutes before I had to go on air, I had managed to beg them to open it up as I couldn’t find anywhere quiet in the area. I may have reeled off the growth figures about on the station, but the interviewer had no idea I had written them down on a McDonalds napkin a few seconds before the interview by reading a Press Release on a Thai gentleman’s laptop. The bloke didn’t speak a word of English and must have thought I was trying to nick his iMac.

The next undertaking is to do a video interview with Affiliate Future on Friday to provide affiliates with information about I asked a couple of members of the Azam Marketing team and InkFactory themselves if they wanted to do it, but nobody wants to face the camera… so it’s going to have to be me again.

Azam Marketing – Events

Sinead from Azam Marketing had a delightful weekend at Summit Media's annual polo tournament
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We’ve been doing the rounds in June as usual and, alongside the many industry events we attended such as the A4U Awards, the opening of the IAB’s new headquarters in Holborn and Online Marketing & Media Show, our Senior Affiliate Manager Sinead thoroughly enjoyed a weekend of polo and entertainment at the Summit Cup which we were kindly invited to by Summit Media, our Designer Ather had a reggae reggae of a time in Barbados thanks to Affiliate Future, and our email marketing boffins watched the England v. New Zealand cricket match in Bristol courtesy of Vodafone and Affiliate Window. Me, I’m taking my first day off work in six months to go to the Henley Regatta with Littlewoods and in two hours, so I’d better rush…