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We all know the importance of appreciating readers of our blogs from time to time. As we continue in our efforts to keep this the blog alive and kicking we have thought of utilising the goodness of the ‘Top Commentator Widget’ to thank our loyal and faithful readers.

A few months back we gave away ‘Microsoft Office Ultimate Edition’ worth £610 to our 21st Century Quotation Competition winner. However this time we thought of rewarding our blog readers on a continual basis and the ‘Top Commentators Widget’ seems to be a perfect answer to do this.

Being in the ‘Top Commentators’ list rewards you with a clean ‘DoFollow’ link and traffic to your website from the right-hand sidebar on every page of Azam.info. So I would urge you to include a link when you leave a comment.

To make it even better and following in the footsteps of other good blogs, we will be publishing a list of top commentators in a post every several weeks to keep the link juice flowing; this means you get to keep our link love for good.

So get you name up on the list guys!