Listen to an engrossing interview with Azam Marketing's Founder and CEO on his journey towards financial freedom below
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Happy fiday is a popular podcast series run by New Zealander Dale Jones which shares invaluable information on how to get to the position of F.I.R.E. If you haven’t come across the acronym, it stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early.

Happy fiday has interviewed Azam Marketing’s CEO Nadeem Azam on his journey towards F.I.R.E. In the no-holds-barred broadcast Nadeem talks about his struggle commencing in his teenage years to get to a position of financial independence and spills the beans on strategies listeners can employ to retire early.

Watch and/or listen to the interview below. The video below has the audio and visuals and beneath it is the audio only podcast:



You may also listen to the interview on the happy fiday website here.



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