Karen Clayton, Affiliate Manager at Azam Marketing, reflects on the year that has been and her hopes for 2009.

2008 was eventful for me. The year started badly and I was knocked for six when my father in law passed away after a short illness. But although we were all very sad at the time (and still are), the experience did put certain things in perspective and showed me that personal health and quality of life is more important than anything else.

With this in mind, I vowed to make some positive changes to improve my own quality of life and develop my career. When the opportunity arose in early autumn to work with Azam Marketing, I submitted my CV. I was pleased to be short-listed and invited to London for an interview. I spent a day with Nadeem talking about the agency and their goals, and by the time I boarded the train back to Yorkshire I was keener than ever to become a part of the team. As they say, the rest is history, and in December I was delighted and privileged to start working for the agency full time.

2009 therefore holds a lot of opportunities for me to develop my career, and I am expecting the year to get off to a flying start – I recently launched the affiliate program for healthcare provider Trust William on Webgains, and January is expected to be one of their busiest sales periods. I’m looking forward to working with new affiliates to promote Trust William and to make it one of the biggest brands in the UK health & beauty sector.

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I’m also excited to meet up with my new colleagues and industry peers at events around the country. I was in London three weeks ago when nine of us from the Azam team managed to get over to our Christmas party and always welcome the opportunity to get out and about. In particular I’m looking forward to attending the A4UExpo – the event continues to go from strength to strength with two events this year: one in Europe in April and one in London in October. I hope to see you there!

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