With many of us feeling the squeeze in the current tough economic climate, it’s always worth looking at ways to keep costs low.

If you are looking for a clever way to grow your business and save money then we recommend you look at Vistaprint’s brilliant range of free personalised items such as 250 free business cards.

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How can Vistaprint give away free business stationery and products?

The free products such as business cards come with a tiny Vistaprint logo on the back of the items. It’s a little advertising for them to cover the cost of production. They also hope you enjoy the quality so much that you will become a repeat customer.

It’s worth taking a look and trying them out. If you are a savvy minded business person, save a few pounds and grab yourself free business stationary here.

You can get other freebies including a company website and email address.

For more free stuff, visit Azam Marketing’s freebies section where we have got webmaster tools, software and ebooks.

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